We invite you to the web development conference on November 29

    Friends, on November 29, a conference for frontend developers dedicated to web development in the mobile and “large” segments of the network will be held in the Moscow office of Mail.Ru Group. The audience will be addressed by specialists working in the projects Mail Mail.Ru, Odnoklassniki, Cloud Mail.Ru and the Document Editor.

    The program of the conference:

    Andrey Sumin , head of development for the client part of Mail.Ru, will present the report “Redesign, not a single user was hurt”.

    We often hear how to develop, write tests, and profile software code. But rarely do companies share the experience of rolling out a new production code. Andrei will talk about the stages of rolling out a new mail design to millions of users.

    Ivan Chashkin, the developer of touch Mail.Ru Mail, called his speech “Battery in the phone, how to save”.

    Technology is evolving, processors are becoming faster, and there is more memory. And only one remains almost unchanged, the battery and the day of the device. In the report, Ivan will show the lowest-level battery consumption on the example of the iPhone 6, and we will try to understand where the charge goes.

    Egor Dydykin , the head of the development team of the main page, will tell you how to “Make and roll out a common block to the entire portal. The process of development and implementation of a single cross-portal component that integrates into different environments with different needs and tasks will be highlighted.
    1. Dynamically build client-configurable blocks, rebuild, and rearrange.
    2. The complexity of the calculations and implementation.
    3. Organization of an asynchronous API for interaction with the project.
    4. Theming of components.
    5. Profit

    Alexander Rusakov , developer of the Mail.Ru Editor, will talk about the long way that he had to go to solve the task - viewing and editing office documents in a browser. Displaying text with complex formatting, pictures and diagrams on the client side does not seem to be a difficult task until the requirement to achieve identical display in different browsers appears.

    The report will cover the following topics:
    • problems using standard methods when calculating text sizes and displaying a document using HTML and SVG;
    • why we refused to use nested data structures when editing and what we use instead of them;
    • how we switched to Canvas, its advantages and disadvantages for us;
    • how the same code works both on the client and on the server; our experience using Node.js.

    Konstantin Lebedev , a leading JavaScript developer of the Mail.Ru Mail project, has been developing Open Source solutions for the past few years. He has experience in implementing, promoting and supporting solutions both within the company and beyond.

    In his report “JSSDK: From a bike to a car,” he will tell you what you need to pay attention to if you want to write a “solution from scratch”. When to use ready-made solutions, and when to write for yourself. What steps need to be taken so that your work is not in vain and benefits others. All these nuances will be considered on the example of the internal framework, which arose as a result of the need to combine the code base of two projects.

    Dmitry Lyapunov, the front-end developer of the mobile version of Odnoklassniki, will talk about the features of developing interfaces for mobile devices that remain in the shade until you touch the mobile phone. It will show what the debugging process consists of, what unexpected difficulties you sometimes encounter, and how they are overcome.

    • Mobile features - what the interaction with the user of a mobile device is built from, why it is not easy for him, and even more difficult for a developer.
    • Layout is an ancient art of moving pixels across the screen in the name of the user, and here has its own peculiarities associated with the limitations of mobile devices (nothing personal) and the diverse wildlife of their browsers.
    • JavaScript - didn’t you think that such a special mobile world didn’t hurt your favorite JavaScript? Of course, here there are some strange approaches, usually related to the optimization and nature of the device.
    • Inspection is something that can suddenly turn the life of a mobile developer into hell. We outline a plan for how to go through these 9 circles and go outside with the most preserved consciousness.

    As usual, the address of our office is Leningradsky Prospekt 39, building 79. Do not forget to register and take a passport or driver’s license. Gathering of guests starts at 9.00, and the conference itself starts at 10.00.

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