Wargaming Developers Contest: Winners Announced


    After almost four months, which included the generation of ideas and development of projects by the participants and the selection of the best of the best by the jury, the Wargaming Developers Contest competition came to an end. Today we will announce the names of winners and prize winners in each of the nominations. But that is not all. Below we also note the works that were not enough before the victory, quite a bit, tell you why their authors should continue what they started, and give the first details about the closing ceremony of the competition.

    WGDC should be held at least for the sake of a huge feedback from the developer community, which allowed us to establish a dialogue with him and identify problem areas for the further development of the service.

    Starting the contest, we clearly understood that there was a need for it and there would definitely be people in the community who wanted to compete for prizes. What we did not expect was so many works. We knew that serious players would participate in the competition, but by default we were ready to search for diamonds among “rob korovany” and “3D action games” ideas. In the end, it came down to a heated debate and a difficult choice of fairly strong work. Here are his results.

    Winners and Prizewinners

    Nomination "The best modification of the game client World of Tanks"

    1st place. Battle Assistant.

    Modification changes the UX of the game, the game process itself, making it more comfortable and convenient for some players, but at the same time it does not give a game advantage. Few could compare with this mod, largely because it reveals one of the main ideas of the competition: the game belongs to a community that changes it to suit its needs.

    2nd place. Customizable tank carousel.

    A nice tweak from the XVM team for the hangar. The mod allows you to display a lot of useful statistical information on the icon of the tank itself, which saves a lot of time for fans to track their progress without leaving the game client.

    3rd place. Miku Hangar (version 2.0) .

    Very high quality in terms of art design. Surely you will like the Asian market. In the work, one feels the love of people for what they do. The project does not alter the functionality of the game, but from an aesthetic point of view it is beautiful. Fun fact: some jury members and simply Wargaming developers left Miku Hangar in the client even after testing and evaluating it.

    Nomination "Best Functional Project"

    1st place. WoTBase .

    During the competition, the guys made a project with excellent functionality, based on the Encyclopedia of the World of Tanks and their own developments.

    Of particular note is the functionality of playing replays. Already, eSports teams and clan fighters can analyze in detail all the moments of the last battle. The idea of ​​the project can become an indispensable element in broadcasting matches of the Wargaming League.

    2nd place. Portal ivanerr.ru .

    This is a pre-contest project for the clan community. During the competition, the functionality of the project was significantly improved, which allowed him to compete for prizes.

    3rd place. Alphabet - World of Warplanes .

    News portal for World of Warplanes, which was developed as part of the competition. Good work in itself, plus it is worth noting the fact that this is a project implemented not for the tank audience, but for the “pilots”.

    Nomination "The best mobile application / application for social networks"

    1st place. Armor Inspector .

    App for iOS and Android. Allows users to deeper explore their favorite game, determining the chances of breaking through any armored car. Often, our players ask: “Why didn’t I break this or that tank?”. This application allows you to thoroughly understand the situation by choosing a gun, type of projectile and reproducing the direction of the shot.

    2nd place. Knowledge Base for WoT .

    A mobile analogue of the web-project, which won first place in the nomination “Best functional project”. Since the application existed earlier, we evaluated only the improvements made during the competition. They were enough to finish only second, but this is a great success for a small team of two people.

    3rd place. WoT Tactics .

    This is a prototype of an online game for Android and iOS tablets. Perhaps the only project that has set its sights on creating a full-fledged game as part of the competition. We are sure that if the team had more time to finalize the gameplay, UX interface and controls, then WoT Tactics could claim victory in the nomination. We hope that the project will not stop in its development and will receive well-deserved recognition of the community.

    Nomination "For Contribution to the Development of Products and Services for the Wargaming Community"

    1st place. Wot-News.Com .

    The most popular news portal from the community. On the site, players can find almost everything: from news, promotions and videos to detailed statistics and ratings. The resource is visited daily by hundreds of thousands of "tankers".

    2nd place. CLANTANK.RU .

    One of the best sites for administering clans, checking statistics, and socializing between clan owners. The site provides clan players the ability to track player activity in the clan and its effectiveness. The project also implements a convenient tool for finding applicants for joining the clan for recruiters.

    3rd place. WOT API .

    Prior to the launch of public APIs from Wargaming, this project was one of the few alternatives for receiving data from our servers and gave impetus to the development of third-party projects. Also, this resource made us understand the need to launch the Wargaming Developer Partner Program and publish the Wargaming Public API.

    Nomination “The Best Project Idea”

    1st place. wotlogger.ru .

    This is a finished project. The main functionality of the project (statistics collection) was carried out by the client application. During the competition, the project team was going to replace the client application with a mod for the game client, but did not manage to meet the allotted time. A feature of the idea is the collection of statistics on the fly using the mod.

    2nd place. Extended statistics on the official website .

    The project was completed, but did not quite reach the prize in the "design" nomination. The idea itself is just great.

    3rd place. WOT CLANS Services .

    Good clan service idea. It stands out against the background of other ideas by a detailed study. We will look forward to hearing from the author of the finished project in the near future.

    "Special Jury Prize"


    A project regularly used by 3.2 million tankers around the world. 1.3 million users play with advanced settings of this mod. The independent team has been developing the project for more than three years, and in terms of the totality of efforts spent on personal time and effort, it has no equal. The guys have been trying for many years to improve the life of the gaming community: they deserve not only respect and praise, but also official recognition.

    Very soon, Habr representatives will contact all the resident winners of the CIS countries, and Wargaming will contact residents of other countries for the presentation of cash prizes.

    Those who carefully read the official rules of the competition noticed that back in July we fixed the prize amounts in Russian rubles. Do not worry about this. We will not allow currency fluctuations to depreciate the WGDC ​​prize pool: winners and prize-winners will receive amounts in ruble terms, but at the current rate for today, on the day the winners are announced.

    Continue, we are interested

    In this post we cannot ignore the works that were left without prizes, but worthy of telling about them.

    Among the applicants in the nomination "Best functional project" I would like to mention two works.

    WoWpRevs and WoTRevs

    Reviews and player ratings. Good performance of the site, there are roughnesses, but they all relate to the wishes.

    Full Skill

    A huge amount of data on various ratings, a lot of divisions on different types of statistics (detailed statistics on the tank, tanks at the level).


    Among the best mobile applications / applications for social networks, the jury hooked up competing projects.

    Wargaming's humorous MMO gaming portal is now available on mobile devices thanks to developers of the WarPlay and WarGag mobile apps.

    In WarPlay have the option of sorting the content of the projects, as well as records sold add to favorites. The project is designed in the style of Wargaming.

    Regarding WarGag mobile, it is worth noting that the application is implemented for different OS: iOS and Android.


    In the nomination “For Contribution to the Development of Products and Services for the Wargaming Community” uWarrior.net claimed the prizes .

    uWarrior.net is a ready-made social network for players of the Wargaming.net universe, where the statistics for players, clans, and other data are the basis for communication. However, there is much that I would like to add.


    Among the huge number of ideas that did not fall into the prizes, the non-standard and scientific approach remembered “Performing an in-game task to assess the player’s functional state in order to optimize his actions and issue recommendations .

    The author went beyond most of the proposed model ideas. The project is briefly but thoroughly described - both from the perspective of a good player in the World of Tanks, and from the Master of Medical Sciences.


    At the very beginning of the contest, we talked about the fact that the best of the best will receive recognition and access to the multimillion-dollar audience of Wargaming projects. The presence of many strong works among the contestants prompted us to the idea of ​​how to strengthen cooperation with third-party developers and stimulate the development of their projects outside of any competitions.

    Very soon, on the World of Tanks portal in the NA, EU and RU regions, we will update the Useful Programs section, or Useful Software, and bring it to the Main one, which will give developers the most valuable thing - access to a wide audience.

    The section will become a kind of “Selected” projects developed by the community. Each of the above six applicants has excellent chances to get into this section on an ongoing basis. The community should know the most talented developers, and those who make projects deserve to be represented by the maximum number of players.

    WGDC Competition Closing Ceremony

    Candidates who didn’t get into the prizes are waiting for another surprise. They, like the winners, will be sent invitations to the closing ceremony of the Wargaming Developers Contest, which will be held on December 13-14 in Minsk.

    We will inform the invitees as soon as possible. At it, participants will be able to talk with Wargaming representatives, including - ask sharp questions to the developers of Wargaming Public API and get information from them about plans for further development. We will advise applicants in which direction it is better to develop their work. All contest participants will be able to exchange experiences with each other. And, of course, those who did a great job during the contest will have the opportunity to relax and rest.

    Thanks to absolutely all the contestants for their participation, and Habr’s audience for their attention to the competition. Stay tuned for updates on the blog - it will be interesting!

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