How my interest in texts suddenly erupted

    Hello, my name is Sergey, I am an IT specialist, and I have problems with superfluous ... In general, I have been in IT all my life. And all of a sudden two weeks ago POPERLO.
    It all started with this anchor. Sergey Schukin from #tceh put it on the Facebook page and offered to guess why they bought it. The winner was entitled to a prize - free participation in one of the seminars of the #tceh educational line.


    Although no, it did not begin with an anchor.

    And it all started on October 27, 2014 in #tceh the seminar “ Letters that shoot in the head ” was conducted by milfgard.

    Then the coworking, unknown to me, held this event, and I suggested that my wife go to it. She was interested in the name, and she read more. She was surprised to say that the one who leads Mosigra on Habré will lead.

    I also became interested. We were the first to come to the free seminar. Actually, I like to study, and I always go somewhere. I recommend that you come for all the events 10-15 minutes before the start: you can communicate with the host in an informal setting, and sometimes get much more information.
    I really liked the seminar. When it was announced that then there would be a paid course for 3 days with practice, I wanted to go for it. The only thing that stopped was that the texts for me were a non-core occupation and I did not want to pay the money, not understanding how to return them later.

    My wife and I continued to go to #tceh to various events. I visited my first #harvest (a collective meeting of project heads), they gave a lot of interesting information from how to analyze the market to actual implementation and pitch.
    There was a series of "Silicon Valley". At all events, we crossed paths with flashbackflip , with whom we talked a lot on various topics on SEO, SMM, gave feedback, and discussed projects. In general, I got hooked on their training.
    When I was going to go to MoscowJS, spasibo_kep knocked on my PMbook and asked if I was ready to receive a prize for the correct answer about the anchor: “The guys consulted with our robe-hare and decided to give you free access to the course of Seryozha Abdulmanov.”

    Writing a text (not documentation) is a very difficult task for me. It's easier for me to raise the server. Sometimes it was necessary to write more or less clearly what was actually implemented, but it was easier to write 10 more pieces of the same code than to explain in a letter to 10 people what it was.
    When working, I ran into several interesting tasks and tried to write about them several times, but, as I wrote above, I always put it off, because I thought that it was not mine.
    As a result, the course turned out to be very saturated. There was a sea of ​​new information, so as not to drown in it, I built a mindmap.

    Then he analyzed the information like this:
    1) We need a catchy title and a picture to the kat.
    2) Information on the text should be interesting evenly.
    3) Personal stories are read better, no official language.
    4) It is necessary to analyze not only a failed result, but also great successes.

    These are the points that I have designated as the main ones for myself. In general, there are a lot of nuances, not to mention everything.
    The writing turned out to be interesting. I fall and stumble for now, but I train every night. Wife helps where she can. It turned out to be easy to formulate thoughts, it’s like writing code: first a task, then pseudocode, then implementation. But with implementation it is still difficult.
    It is very nice to know that you can achieve something that you previously did not consider yours at all. And that it’s even easier than you thought before.

    PS And #tceh was needed for anchoring the airship at the exhibition.

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