Online conference Stratoplan PRO + People and the year on Habré

    For a long time we didn’t hold conferences, we thought, and decided to fix it in November: on November 10-14, in the evenings at 20:00 Moscow time, the Stratoplan PRO + People conference will be held . All those whose materials we published a lot in our corporate blog will perform on the air with 2-hour master classes:

    • Career and Collapse of the Invisible Man (Glory to Pankratov)
    • Head-subordinate interaction (Dmitry Kotkin)
    • People vs. Methodologies and habits (Ivan Selikhovkin)
    • How to sell an idea (Konstantin Dubrovin)
    • 10 mistakes in the meetings 1: 1 (Alexander Orlov)

    Since the conference will be held online, you can take part from anywhere in the world. Entries will also be available to all participants.

    Participation is paid - at the price of an average dinner in Moscow. Come, we will deal with work with people!

    PS The conference is all good, but here we realized that exactly a year ago we started our corporate blog on Habré!

    Friends, it turns out a year is not so little. In a year:
    • We managed to make 52 publications
    • 15 of them scored a rating of +40 and above
    • In total, they scored more than 1.8 million views.
    • 1,780 fans have joined our blog - thanks for reading us!

    Thank you very much - we received a ton of feedback on our thoughts ideas and an incomparable amount of inspiration for further actions!

    All that we do is for you. And the upcoming conference, too. Therefore, for those who will take part in it and read us at the same time, we decided to make an additional gift: records of the 10 best reports of the Stratoplan Tech & Business Summit conference:
    1. Project offices in IT (illustrated stories of many failures and one success) - Ivan Selikhovkin, PMP, co-founder of the St. Petersburg branch of PMI
    2. Strategic Analysis in IT Business - Evgeny Veselov, PMP, Cogniance Project Manager
    3. Nothing extra! - Boris Wolfson, CTO HeadHunter
    4. Are you a new RM? Cheat sheet for survival. - Alexandra Moskvitina, Project Manager, Doctor Mobile
    5. Clear guidance - Igor Odintsov, Olga Odintsova, psychologist and strategic development manager of Intel in Russia
    6. “Psychological contract”: what managers forget about when talking with a new employee - Natalya Penkina, independent consultant
    7. Filling the working day of the head in IT. Focus is a lifeline in the age of distraction. - Pavel Obod, CEO of Sloboda Studio
    8. What games do teams play - Wolfson Boris, CTO HeadHunter
    9. A step-by-step algorithm for developing a highly loaded system - Oleg Bunin, Director of Ontiko
    10. Architecture? What is it? - Mikhail Zaborov, Deputy Director for Strategic Projects, Custis

    A year and a half ago, we probably held the largest online conference in our industry. There were about 80 reports - two streams within 5 days. We selected the 10 best reports - this will be our gift on the occasion of the year of stay on Habré.

    The algorithm for obtaining records is as follows:

    1. Pay for participation in Stratoplan PRO + People .

    2. In response to the payment confirmation, write “I’m from a habr, I want a gift :)” - and we will send you links to the records of the 10 best reports of Stratoplan Tech & Business Summit.

    Colleagues, anyway, thanks for the feedback and we will be glad to see you both on Stratoplan PRO + People and in the comments on our blog.

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