Voronezh, waiting for you (and not only) + competition

    Hi, Habr! Today we have the announcement of the workshop on AI in Voronezh, where Microsoft acts as a methodological partner. We will solve the real business case and try to optimize the production processes of the whole enterprise. For free, successful participation will issue a certificate. Details under the cut, registration link below.

    Event: Workshop "Digital Plant"
    Date: October 12, 2018
    Location: Voronezh, city park "Grad"

    Who are we waiting for

    • Data Architect
    • Front-end developer
    • Back-end developer
    • Product Owner
    • Data scientist
    • Scrum master
    • Solution architect
    • Data engineer
    • UX / UI Designer


    By the way, the coolest participants will get offers from SIBUR!

    More information and registration

    Competition "Digital and Production"

    And to make this autumn day even more pleasant, each of you can get a chance to win a memorable prize! The guys from AIC decided to make a contest.

    To participate in the contest, you need to correctly answer 8 questions:

    The first part about digital is on the page ;
    The second part about the production is in this article below.

    Send answers to the test and interpretation of the received set of numbers in personal messages of the AI-Community group Vkontakte. You will find more complete rules in this post .

    Among all participants who gave the correct answer, a Nespresso coffee machine and 300 capsules for it will be played with a randomizer (to participate in the coffee machine rally, you must be a participant in a workshop in Voronezh). In addition, the first 10 correctly responded guaranteed to get a stylish sweatshirt AI Community!

    The results of the competition will be announced on October 8 in the AI Community group .


    Question 5. In what years did the transition from the “Internet of people” to the “Internet of things” take place, i.e. did the number of items connected to the network exceed the number of people?

    2) 2006-2007
    1) 2008-2009
    9) 2011-2012
    8) 2017-2018

    Question 6. How many graphics processors are installed in the most powerful computer optimized for machine learning algorithms?

    5) 9300
    9) 28000
    0) 7600
    4) 42000

    Question 7. What was the record for the production of electric cars in 7 days?

    3) 2900
    9) 6700
    7) 4500
    2) 3400

    Question 8. To what speed can the fastest “jet pack” accelerate?

    0) 120 km / h
    6) 160 km / h
    7) 220 km / h
    5) 320 km / h

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