The first browser specifically for developers: soon

Original author: Mozilla
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At Mozilla, we understand that developers are the foundation of the web, so we are actively promoting standards and continuing to develop great tools to make it easier for you to create great web content and applications.

The web development process typically uses countless different tools, which often do not work well together. This means that you have to switch between different tools, platforms and browsers, which slows down the process and reduces productivity.

So we decided to give free rein to our group, which creates tools for developers in Firefox, so that they make the whole browser. And see what happens.

Now we are ready to catch a glimpse of the first browser created specifically for developers.

We redesigned the browser based on the priorities of developers specifically. It was created by developers for developers, so debugging works all over the web, and it’s much easier to create new things. It also integrates some powerful tools, such as WebIDE and Firefox Tools Adapter .

Soon we will offer you a more, much more functional package of tools for creating an independent web.

Get ready to share information on social networks ( # Fx10 #ChooseIndependent) or subscribe to our Hacks mailing list to receive a notification immediately after the browser exits.

We are eager to share information with you on November 10th.

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