EyeCare - relieving eye fatigue, treating myopia, accommodation spasm

    EyeCare application cure myopia and accommodation spasm application iconIn Russia, 30 to 100 percent of the population has vision problems. At the same time, about 28% of children suffer from myopia (myopia). In public and private clinics in our country, various methods of treating myopia in adults and children are practiced - from prescribing vitamins for eyes or drops to laser surgeries. Recently, doctors began to prescribe combination treatment based on drugs and work in special certified medical simulator programs. Such treatment is not able to completely restore vision, but it temporarily improves it by relieving eyestrain. I myself took a course of such treatment in childhood. The existing programs used in such treatment are very expensive, as a rule, they are not available in public hospitals, attendance at sessions in private clinics is even more expensive,
    We decided to develop our own program for the treatment of myopia, accommodation spasm, relieve eye strain and post it for free.

    For the basis of our application, we took the program “Relax! Well- known among ophthalmologists 2 " . The choice was due to the fact that several ophthalmologists with whom we talked recommended it specifically, the program was certified, has been used in medical practice for more than 10 years, and has been included in the compulsory composition of the children's eye protection cabinet. The program simply demonstrates a software-generated video series that the patient must watch for 5 minutes once a day for at least two weeks. When studying it, we immediately discovered a number of shortcomings:
    • outdated user interface at the level of the 90s (then it, apparently, was developed);
    • It works only on desktop computers, although it could quite successfully be used on tablets;
    • works only under older versions of Windows (from Windows 98 to Windows 7);
    • distributed only through CD discs, which can be bought either from developers in Moscow, or more expensive from resellers;
    • inconvenient for users protection scheme against unlicensed use based on USB keys.


    Having considered all these shortcomings, we decided to release our application for mobile and desktop platforms. Distribute, naturally, through application stores. As a result, we implemented a program based on Qt5 and OpenGL ES, the entire UI was made up on QML. All work was carried out on the basis of A.E. Belozerov's dissertation “Development and implementation of computer functional methods in ophthalmology”. The first versions for Android tablets and Windows 8.1 are already available .
    The program implements a universal UI that allows you to use it both on devices with a touch screen, and on desktops with a mouse.

    The application shows special incentives that positively affect the retina.

    We hope our application will be useful to people. We plan to develop a set of ophthalmological programs and certify it in Russia. In our next post, we will talk about the EyeTraining application for treating childhood strabismus .
    We will be grateful for any critical feedback about our application, a large number of IT specialists live on the hub - it is always interesting to hear their opinion about your offspring.

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