90s Nostalgia II: Simba's Junior Game Console

What can not be bought for any money in the world?

The correct answer is childhood, and indeed, I would like to return to a time when there were no worries and troubles. Of course, all the boys of that time, there were memories of the series about Uncle Scrooge, "Black Cloak" and the Dendy console, which included almost everything that was on the TV screens of that time. So hotly promoted to the masses by the Dendy: New Reality program, the prefix is ​​still alive.

"Dandy" almost did not change its appearance, Simba's company is now releasing it. The console came to me a couple of months ago. Walking with his son in the supermarket, the child said: “Dad, there is Sega!” - he is a little familiar with retrogaming, consoles and other things, but he is still small and sometimes confuses the names. Explaining to the child that games are simpler and there is a light gun ... "A light gun? Dad, buy this Sega! ”Said the son. Little money is enough for a couple of evenings, I thought, but it wasn’t there ...

▌Packaging and packaging.
▌ Design.
▌ governing bodies. The power supply does not heat up!
▌ Advantages and disadvantages.
▌Price and purchase.
▌ Conclusion.

The prefix surprisingly took root and liked the wife (Duck Hunt), son (Bomberman), daughter (Super Mario), each of the households found in it their own piece of happiness.

▌Packaging and equipment.

So, in a bright box that promises the best games of our childhood and the hits of the gaming industry of those years you can find:

1. The console itself is made surprisingly soundly and firmly, even the lever that needs to get a cartridge will not break at the first meeting one on one with a child.

2. A couple of turbo joysticks. As you can see in the photo, on one of them there are “start” and “select” buttons, apparently this is done for authenticity, usually modern “Dandies” are equipped with the first two gamepads with a full set of buttons or worse, “Sega” joysticks.

3. The light gun looks impressive, it will only shoot on TVs of the same years as the console. It doesn’t work on modern TVs. For many, this light gun was the first weapon capable of killing virtual ducks and breaking plates.

4. The power supply is very light and small - DOES NOT WARM! A miracle happened, the calculation of the load was designed explicitly by a person who understands. I must say that earlier in my childhood, blocks burned one by one (1-2 per year at least).

5. AV cable to connect the set-top box to the TV.

6. Printed materials - a small leaflet with instructions and a flyer in which I found a couple of interesting gadgets for myself.

EXEQ ACE and scattering of children's consoles at ridiculous prices - GURU , Rainbowand TOY

The length of the cords is an important moment!
Gamepad - 105 cm
Light gun - 120 cm
AV cable - 140 cm
Power supply - 140 cm


Well, what else can I say or show, its insides:
Caution traffic

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Two in One! Games on GameBoy and Dendy are pocket happiness for a knowledgeable gamer

г Games.

The menu looks like this

Battle City (Tanchiki)

Bomberman (Son’s favorite game ^^)

Duck Hunt (Hunting ducks, the dog must be killed!),

Lode Runner



Super Mario Bros.


Dr. Mario


Adventure Island


Circus Charlie


F-1 Race

Gradius I


Track & Field


Here is a short video in which I am testing toys with my son:

An interesting moment, we have a large family and relatives of different generations are completely full, more recently, Jam Day was celebrated and everyone was invited, everything, everything. I can say that the prefix did not go unnoticed: tanks for two, Mario, Tetris for two, Contra for two and other expanses took the crowd from small (1.5 years) to great (68 years) for 40 minutes, the only person who didn’t take part, this is a monster called mother-in-law, someone must spoil the holiday.

And a couple of cartridges, bought on the occasion, play the classics - Turtles:


Dendy junior prefixes with its appearance.
Of the pros, compartments for gamepads on the sides of the console.

▌ governing bodies. The power supply does not heat up!

The controls are 2 gamepads and a light gun. There are no complaints about gamepads; they work similarly to others from any retromagnet. The light gun will only work on CRT / CRT televisions - this is sadness.

The power supply, as well as in SEGA, does not heat up, which is not surprising, because it is one and the same power supply. Indeed, it’s simpler, one power supply for two devices. You can read about the characteristics in the previous article Nostalgia for the 90th

▌ Advantages and disadvantages.

I found several advantages for myself:
Built-in games, despite the thousand and one nights of repetitions of the first 19 games, there are enough of them and you can find interesting ones.
The power supply does not heat up. An important fad, my little guy often does not turn off the console from the network.
Price bribes, of course. Here, or, as they say, 3 bottles of lemonade and fun, or with friends playing the same lemonade to play the good old "dandy" - a double pleasure. Many games for two are what the campaign needs.
Easy to use.

▌Price and purchase.

The prefix cost me 650P.
And I found cartridges in our city from 59P, but this is usually a passing game, Spider-Man will be released at 150 rubles, as well as Second Turtles and other more or less popular projects, collections from 120 rubles.

Cartridges can also be ordered in the DNS for 100 for one


Modern replicas of Dandy are suitable for both nastoligi and serious game.
The console itself is made soundly, the joysticks look durable.
The cost of the board is noticeably much cheaper.
Having bypassed all the shops that I know of selling retro consoles and games, I could not find rare toys, mostly selling hits and recognizable games. But there are some sellers who are ready to send a whole price list to you in the mail for choosing games and ordering from them.

And I would also like to recall this guy who lives in my heart until now, somehow Dendy and Seryoga for us were something inseparable. I want to believe that his favorite program was the same "Dendy: New Reality."
His programs introduced us not only to this miracle of the gaming industry, but also to other game consoles of those years.

Why did the name and photo of this person suddenly appear at the end of the review?
The fact is that it is very important to remember the history and good people, those who made our childhood better in the difficult 90s. In the end: “Play the classics, love the classics, instill a love of the classics!”

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