How to make profitable website design development (part 2)


    In the previous article, we examined the problems of everyday life. Today let's look at a solution to one of them.

    Today's topic is “Meeting”

    Perfect meeting: the one that did not take place

    No, no, of course, I do not dissuade you from direct meetings. But, understand, their number should be equal to three. Presentation, signing of documents (here, of course, depends on the contract, but ...), receiving a letter of recommendation (of course, if you are not developing a CRM, intranet ... where, of course, implementation, training, etc. are required). The point is that when you come to a meeting, 70-80% of the time is spent discussing everything except the project itself. Meetings in the initial stages are especially useless when you need 7-15 minutes of a decision maker. The meeting drags on for an hour, one and a half, or, worse, three, four. Sometimes owners or managers, unable to take responsibility or trust developers, invite, it seemed, at the end of the meeting, employees. "Tanya, let Fedor the system administrator and Tanya from the sales department come to us." What do you think, they are not in the know. And it all starts all over again.

    Fewer meetings, less communication, less than anything that may not be the case. In fact, this time spent is neither needed by you nor the person making the decision. Consider another option. A busy person with everything scheduled by the minute, or a manager in the process of preparing a large advertising company or to open a new branch. He cannot give you much time. As one art director told me about his leader: "... he didn’t even listen to you ... he was waiting for the amount and term, and the design is my problem."


    A meeting, for two parties, is an appointed time, preparation, excitement, time to wait and time to travel. Add to this 70-80% of nothing at all. In the end, there were meetings for the final approval of all the layouts, after which there was a feeling that we would all start over.

    Clear rules of the game

    For successful work, you, like your client, need clear rules of the game. Of course, both sides will try to break them. Your task: to comply with the rules as much as possible, to stand your ground. You will spend 15 minutes once explaining the rules, and in the course of work you will save dozens of hours of your time and client’s time.


    Successful people count time in hours, sometimes in minutes. And they will be very grateful if you can help save their time. There is a solution: a minimum of meetings. Discuss everything you can remotely. The phone partially solves this problem. But not to the end. Remember one more rule: fix everything.


    So what to do?

    Imagine that you signed a contract. Your next task: to start developing the layout. Where do you start? Define the rules of the game. Conduct all communication remotely (I will tell you more in the next article). Use modern technology. Customers will appreciate this, and some even after you will apply them in your company. Because you are an IT carrier for them, you are a guide to new opportunities for them. Use them yourself and show them to others. You need a Google document, Google spreadsheet, Google presentation; use the tools for online discussion: skype, vider, iMessenger; try on-line services that allow the client to play according to your rules.

    I’ll tell you more about how and what to use in the next article. And also I will reveal the following topic described in a previous article.

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    ps (_! _) stop using only free services or say that they are not needed. Our studio spends about $ 150 per month only on small services. Moreover, most of them we buy immediately for a year, and get good savings. This amount justifies itself, allowing us to deliver projects faster, and at the same time manage to devote time to all clients.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    How many meetings with the client during the development of the project (average)

    • 38.1% Work only remotely 162
    • 39.7% 1-3 meetings, this is enough 169
    • 11% 3-10 meetings, the client likes to be visited by 47
    • 1.4% More than 10 6
    • 1.4% Each layout = meeting 6
    • 8.2% How much the client will need if he is willing to pay them 35

    To communicate with the client, you often use

    • 25.7% Meetings 115
    • 62.7% Talk (phone, skype, viber, FaceTime, ...) 280
    • 52.2% Correspondence through instant messengers (skype, viber, iMessenger, ...) 233
    • 68.8% Email 307
    • 10.3% Through the project management system (redmine, basecamp, Megaplan ...) 46

    Do you know about the existence of services for a structured presentation of layouts to a client

    • 11.1% I know and use 44
    • 33.8% Heard, read, or tried something 133
    • 9.6% Tried, trial version, but I do not see the point in them 38
    • 2.5% I tried to know, but for me it's expensive 10
    • 42.7% I haven’t tried, but I wonder how it works 168

    Do you know about the existence of prototyping services

    • 33.4% I know and use 140
    • 24.1% Heard, read, or tried something 101
    • 14.1% Tried, trial version, but I do not see the point in them 59
    • 4.3% Tried to know, but for me it's expensive 18
    • 23.9% I haven’t tried, but I wonder how it works 100

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