TOP 5 startups VCStart. Farewell tour of our blog on Habré

    Hello habrazhitel!

    Thematic media company decided not to renew the contract for maintaining a corporate blog with us. Therefore, this is our last article here. We say goodbye to you on Habré and finally we present you the TOP-5 of the most interesting projects.

    Ratings are usually made up of ten positions, but we will limit ourselves to five. In fact, there are much more worthy start-ups, promising, innovative and potentially financially successful - we did not have time to write about half of them here, but it’s better to separately and separately each later. In the meantime - “TOP-5 VCStart” , the participants of which were selected according to a single parameter - the amount of investments made in the project.

    No. 1: “Cargo Search”- an information and logistics b2b platform, in which 72 investors invested in the amount of $ 22,265. Or rather, 73 - during the first round of financing (initially the amount was $ 150,000), one of the investors came and bought everything, expressed a desire to purchase the entire share alienated by the startup enter the project team as a member of the board of directors. Read more about this here . No. 2: - CRM-platform for restaurants and a b2c-platform for their regular customers with a charming leader of Microsoft hardening headed. No. 3: is a service for optimizing the work of personnel services and recruitment agencies. Startup is almost at the stage of an idea

    , managed to reach the third place by financial indicators, overtaking many already operating and profitable businesses. No. 4: CartPay is an innovative smart cart for supermarkets , which caused a heated discussion in the comments, which gave the startup a significant impetus for development. No. 5: Adaperio - used car inspection service. The insightful stories of the startup creators about how they got to such a life hit readers for the living.

    And that’s not all. For three months, several hundred startups posted their projects on the platform, about a hundred of them were moderated and available for investment. b2b and b2c services, travel aggregators, online information publications, studios for game and mobile application developers are waiting for their investors, whose funds would help projects to develop and enter the market. Yes, some of them, besides the idea, have nothing, others, on the contrary, have already taken place as business enterprises and are profitable. Unites their desire. The desire to give the world what, according to startup authors, is so sorely lacking.

    Khabrovites, thank you for everything, thank you for the fact that many of you are now with us! You can monitor the activities of the VCStart collective investment platform on our official website and in social networks, links to our communities in them you will find in the side bar.

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