Hooray! It was not paranoia

    In the past post about retail, some people were terrified by the fact that they could target advertising funds from a cold in those who usually went to the office, but as soon as they took 10 minutes and did not go. In general, for the last couple of years I have been happy that, for example, my entire adult life did not believe in cards and paid for them only in extreme cases.

    Now I will tell a couple of examples. In some places the lawyer advised me more softly, so the whole story is farther away - my personal opinion, perhaps, has little to do with the real world. I dreamed a lot.

    So, as I have already said, in my dream you can target people on account and purchase. For example, the target: “there are children of 6 years old” may look like “I made frequent purchases 5 years ago from this list of network terminals”. Target "lives in this area and has more than 100 thousand rubles in the account" - at the points where he often buys, and if there are two such clusters - closer to the outskirts.

    Then, dear Google has a built-in feature reading the top letters in the mailbox on gmail. A robot, of course. He is able to allocate from there the specified keywords and their forms (or topics), combine them with the user profile and show ads. At least, I heard from one grandmother , it went in in beta, I did not know whether it was included in the prod. You can customize your special prices for products after sending a competitor (gee-gee), you can even calculate specific counterparties and aim at them. In general, many interesting methods.

    What else? Oh yeah, recommendation services on sites - mass personalization. They are embedded in the site. And they may know in advance what you usually buy (for example, according to your own databases, many sites combine the benefit) and what is your approximate profile for hardware, browser, geography and many other factors. In theory - help with the goods.

    Operators allow targeting ( for example ) people by geo-location and all that the operator knows (and he knows the passport data on the contract, the list of visited sites, your count of friends on calls, etc., but not all use the full range of features). Standard offer - a discount in the store near your favorite shopping center. But the most touching thing is that people are often asked to compose texts so that the user does not realize that the operator knows where the subscriber is located.

    You can send SMS to those who bought on a competitor's site (the fact that the order page is loaded is visible to the operator). Can those who went to a competitor with their feet. Those who called to a competitor. We used this opportunity to clarify the volume of the market: asked to count the calls to all the stores of board games that they found to order advertising on them. But not ordered. Again, acquaintances from pharma only recently discussed a target for sexually transmitted diseases for those who called on the sparse base of phones of girls of easy virtue.

    Now wi-fi. Here in the caseThe “daily bread” customers of the café hung an identifier in the metro and then caught up with their advertising through the advertising network (not in the metro and not in the cafe, just everywhere). The technology is offered by a bunch of companies on the market: you can put a router to yourself, which will hang up an identifier, which then in a public network will become a remarketing label. Or just a cell phone. That is, yes, if you use open networks (this is where you need a phone to enter), then you can be recognized. Where there are their routers - there they see what you are. Because when connecting to a known SSID, the headset does not change. Connecting to the Wi-Fi distribute stage is not necessary at all, just a couple of steps further on the probe. So sold base with large conferences.

    Pro applications that use the microphone is not in order, I generally keep quiet. About the fact that some mail for my convenience, recognize the texts in the pictures from the letter - too. Why will I remove geolocation constantly and around the clock - they sort of explained. For my convenience. This personalization also pleases me without measure. Although they have already denied everything several times.

    In general, when once our sysadmin said that he was a little afraid for his keyboard, because she uses an unencrypted radio channel, and anyone can intercept the signal, I was happy to talk about other features of life. Now this question bothers him less.

    What is most funny, it's all already given. Yes, the whole system is watching you. But this is the norm, in the future, privacy as such will be a very vague concept. This is just a shift in the moral norm, no more. And this, I recently spoke with an analyst of German retailers. She listened to many of the achievements of our market and said that in Europe much is forbidden, and such game is simply impossible from her point of view. For nefig target individual citizens by any means.

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