The traffic generation by our subscribers exceeded the 256 Gb / s mark! Sale of servers with 10 Gb / s channel

    Greetings! Today, in our small company, a significant event, and I, as a lover of statistics, cannot but be noted. The traffic of our subscribers on our Dutch site exceeded the mark of 256 Gb / s. For some, this is an insignificant figure, but for us, the significant throughput of all African channels is only 4 times higher, but we are understandably not in Africa :) Nevertheless, not every Data Center generates more than a quarter terabit of traffic. We managed to become one of the largest traffic generators within a period of just over a year. And we continue to grow.

    The secret is simple - quality, stability, flexibility of the proposed solutions and focus primarily on the wishes of our customers, and not on making money.

    Due to this, we and our subscribers manage to consume about 2 PB of total traffic (2048 TB) or about 60 PB (61440 TB) of traffic per month every day, and for very relatively little money, but as you know, the cost depends on where the traffic is delivered and how. You can get an initial idea of ​​this, peer-to-peer, backbone providers and generally how the Internet is arranged thanks to the magical article “A Tale of the Real Internet” . The traffic distribution of our subscribers is such that more than 56% of the traffic is generated in the Russian Federation, 27% in Ukraine and everything else - in the rest of the world.

    This is due to the fact that so far we have worked mostly with Russian-speaking subscribers who are targeted at the Russian-speaking population, and only a small percentage of our subscribers are from Canada, Europe and the USA. In the near future, the project will include a total update of our infrastructure, a new and more convenient version of the website and billing, new magical services and full integration into the international market segment. Soon, all the English-speaking population of the planet will be able to easily use our services.

    Nevertheless, due to the current distribution of traffic, we were forced to slightly increase prices for new orders of 10-gigabit solutions, since shipping traffic to Russia / Ukraine from the Netherlands with a Tier I backbone operator costs quite impressive money - up to 6,000 euros for 10 gigabit even with large volumes, and our subscribers, as a rule, like to consume traffic "in the shelf" and we allow this, since we provide only honest channels. Of course, we can reduce the cost of services due to the fact that some of the backbone operators from the Russian Federation / Ukraine built peer-to-peer connections with our Data Center, and in fact deliver our traffic to subscribers in the Russian Federation / Ukraine at the expense of lower-level providers, not Date Center and our subscribers, however, anyway, the rates should have become slightly higher than before.

    For example, a server that can actually generate 10 gigabits of traffic will now cost:

    Netherlands, 2 x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E5-2420 / 96GB RAM / 12x960GB SSD / 10 Gbps Unmetered - $ 4665.76 per month

    Other configurations you can choose using the configurator on our website .

    Nevertheless, we decided not to raise prices for already rented platforms until they are upgraded by the client, and if the client switches to a more expensive solution or refuses - put it in public for sale at old prices, to enable “startups” and just new subscribers start working with us at a lower price.

    This month we provide such an exciting opportunity, as 2 servers are freed up:

    NL - 2 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 / 96GB DDR3 / 10x4TB SATA2 / 2x480GB SSD / IPMI / 10Gbps Unmetered (only 1, available to order no later than 10/31/2014) - $ 2719.00 / month - ORDER

    NL - 2 x Intel Hexa- Core Xeon E5-2420 / 96GB DDR3 / 10x4TB SATA2 / 2x480GB SSD / IPMI / 10Gbps Unmetered (only 1, available to order no later than 10/31/2014) - $ 2719.00 / month - ORDER

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