What speeds up forced overtime work

    Many outsourcing companies sin by the fact that at any whim of the customer they are ready to force (they can make a separate question, but it depends on the personal qualities of the person, many agree) employees to work on the weekend, I am sure that this is completely unreasonable almost always. Of course, from the point of view of the outsourcer and the specific manager, everything looks great - the project accelerates, the manager receives bonuses for meeting deadlines, the customer is satisfied, the customer pays more money, employees receive double payment (though this is in the best case). It seems everyone should be happy.

    However, not everything looks so rosy if you conduct a simple analysis.

    We take for calculations a conditional month consisting of 22 working days and 8 days off, with an 8 hour working day. Suppose employees are ready to work seven days a week, then one employee, in addition to the main 176 hours, will work another 64 hours, i.e. he will work 36 percent more. It seems not a little, but not to say that cardinal acceleration for the complete absence of the weekend. And this is an ideal assessment - a spherical increase in productivity in a vacuum, in reality they often use only one day off, which means that more than 18 percent of the growth will not work, which is not at all impressive - is it worth it to tear the brain? Next, you need to at least roughly take into account the decrease in work efficiency:

    - a person already has fatigue accumulated over a week;
    - he has a reduced motivation (not really he was eager to go to work on the weekend);
    - the situation in the office is most likely not very working;
    - his work may be blocked by the absence of any other employees at work.

    So in reality, it’s good if he works half the efficiency that in normal times (or he will work more, but his efficiency will decrease next week), and this will result in a miserable 9% increase in the work done, despite the fact that the company clearly spoils the relationship with the employee, and the hateful karma comes to the manager who agrees to this, of course the company receives a little more money from the customer, but it should be more profitable for an outsourcer (with a long-term strategy) to maintain good relations with employees than znut the customer, the more that adequate customer everything can be explained, and with inadequate it is better not to get involved.

    Of course, there are really emergency situations when a deadline really threatens the existence of the project, and not just reduces the bonus to the manager, but in this case, employees should be interested to work more, because they are hired employees and should not be responsible for management errors.

    Now about double payment. They often do not give it, give time off, but even if they give it, they are not as profitable as they seem. Someone will say that he is happy to work for double payment for processing, this probably happens, but I think that it’s not so often, because again you need to consider, as they say in smart books, “it’s easy to show” that when working every Saturday (4 days off a month) higher wages will be 36% higher than usual, whether this compensates for the deterioration in the quality of life is up to you, but it seems to me that such an increase is relevant either to those who really do not have enough wages for life, or those who urgently need to solve the housing problem (save or pay a loan). Of course, working without days off gives more than 70% of the increase in the RFP, but how long can this be extended, until you stretch? And coming to work on one day off is a nine-percent increase in sn - for me it’s better to sleep well and take a walk in the park. Five times the rate for overtime? Maybe you need to think it over, but no less.

    Therefore, I think that forced overtime work only accelerates the dismissal of employees.

    Addition: all calculations per employee, and if not all employees go overtime, the total effect for the project will be even less.

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