Emacs 24.4 came out with a browser

Original author: Glenn Morris
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Version 24.4 of the Emacs text editor is available for download.

More information:

Source code can be obtained from the nearest GNU mirror at the following links:
http: //ftpmirror.gnu.org/emacs/emacs-24.4.tar.gz

Or explicitly select a mirror from the list:

Mirrors may be updated after some time, the main ftp server here:

Among the main things in this release:
  • Built-in web browser (Mx eww)
  • Improved multi-monitor and full-screen support
  • "Electric" indentation is activated by default
  • Support for saving and restoring frames and windows
  • Emacs Lisp packages can now be digitally signed
  • New Tips Engine for Emacs Lisp
  • File Change Notification Support
  • Pixel-based resizing of frames and windows
  • Text Console Menu Support
  • New Rectangular Selection Mode (Cx SPC)

Many other changes have been made; see the etc / NEWS file, which opens in Emacs with a command, for a short list C-h n.

A complete list of changes is given in ChangeLog, it is attached to the sources in each distribution.

Hard copies of Emacs manuals are sold at the Free Software Foundation (FSF) store :

There is a 24.2 manual in the store now, but it remains an excellent reference guide for the current version as well. buying a copy is a good way to support the FSF.

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