Gesture recognition in sketchometry

    This note is an appendix to the article “sketchometry - dynamic geometry in a browser” . There I was asked to write in more detail about the gesture recognition method used in sketchometry.

    There is a family of handwriting recognizers developed at the University of Washington for rapid prototyping of gesture-based user interfaces.

    The table shows their names, authors and links to information pages.

    TitleThe authorsLink
    $ 1 Unistroke RecognizerJacob O. Wobbrock, Andrew D. Wilson, Yang
    $ N Unistroke RecognizerLisa Anthony, Jacob O.
    $ P Point-Cloud RecognizerRadu-Daniel Vatavu, Lisa Anthony, Jacob O.

    On each of the pages you can download the implementation in JavaScript and C #, as well as pseudocode.
    In addition, there is a demonstration of work on all pages.
    Finally, there are links to publications.
    Not being a specialist in handwriting recognition,
    I won’t even take up the translation. But there is everything you need to start dating
    on these three pages.
    So, sketchometry uses $ N Multistroke Recognizer.

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