We build the Python interpreter into a java application using the Panama project

    A couple of days ago I saw Brian Goetz's tweet, but only today my hands reached around to play with examples. About this and I want to briefly tell. About the Panama project on Habré already wrote , therefore I will just show couple of simple examples of how it is possible to apply native binder .


    First of all, you will need a C compiler. If you are using Linux or MacOS, then you already have it. If Windows, you have to first install Build Tools for Visual Studio 2017 . And, of course, you need OpenJDK with Panama support. You can get it either by assembling the “foreign” branch of the corresponding repository , or by downloading an Early-Access build .

    Let's start with a minimal example - a simple function that adds two numbers:


    #ifndef _ADDER_H#define _ADDER_H
    __declspec(dllexport) intadd(int, int);


    intadd(int a, int b){
        return a + b;


    // импорт jextract'нутых "заголовочных" классовimportstatic com.example.adder_h.*;
        publicstaticvoidmain(String[] args){
            System.out.println(add(3, 5));

    We compile in DLL

    cl /LD adder.c

    We use the utility jextractto generate a java interface based on the header file:

    jextract -L . -l adder -o adder.jar -t "com.example" adder.h

    And we use the resulting jar file to build and run java code:

    javac -cp adder.jar Example.java
    java -cp .;adder.jar Example

    While not particularly impressive, but allows you to understand the principle. Now try using python37.dll.


    import java.foreign.Libraries;
    import java.foreign.Scope;
    import java.foreign.memory.Pointer;
    importstatic org.python.Python_h.*;
    importstatic org.python.pylifecycle_h.*;
    importstatic org.python.pythonrun_h.*;
        publicstaticvoidmain(String[] args){
            try (Scope s = Scope.newNativeScope()) {
                    "print(sum([33, 55, 66]))\n"),

    We generate interfaces:

    jextract -L "C:\Python37" -l python37 -o python.jar -t "org.python" --record-library-path C:\Python37\include\Python.h

    Compile and run:

    javac -cp python.jar PythonMain.java
    java -cp .;python.jar PythonMain

    Congratulations, your java-application has just loaded the Python interpreter into itself and executed the script in it!


    More examples can be found in the instructions for pioneers .

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