Implementation Engineer Travel Notes: Spanish Passion on Ticket Office

    Greetings, my dear reader. So the next vacation season has come to an end along with which we bring a bunch of impressions, positive emotions, a tan, but as always I can’t tear myself away from the way the cash world is located on the other side of the border and therefore, as always, I offer you a small report about how the box office lives there.

    So, this time my way lay on popular places along the route about. Mallorca - Madrid - Barcelona in Spain. These places are quite traveled by tourists and from there pictures of famous sights are already surfacing all over the Internet, but for me they are different and as always I take pictures of other places that are most interesting to me.


    By the way, it is worth noting that in tourist places, unlike if I just traveled through the cities, just a cloud of all sorts of different ticket offices. All about. Mallorca, it’s just that at every step SPAR mini-shops they mainly use these portable cash desks: We

    portable cash desks

    walk around the island. We go to the supermarket. What do we see? We see a regular monitor with check-in scales and a normal customer display:

    customer display

    I wonder how the interface looks like? Everything is as usual:

    cash program interface

    Let's go to the Majorica jewelry store to see what they have with the cash registers. Everything is quite simple too:

    Back to the supermarkets. On the whole island, in addition to the aforementioned SPAR supermarkets, I often met shops of the local ESKO company. I happened to be in England and Finland, and so, accordingly, in England there are TESCO chain stores, and in Fink - KESKO, we now add ESCO to the collection.

    It looks like a regular cash desk with a keyboard. And it seems like the customer’s display turned to the cashier’s side, but where’s the cashier’s display?

    cashier's keyboard

    ABOUT! Here he is! It was just hiding on a black system unit with a cash drawer and a receipt printer. Well, there will be a lot of disappointment ahead ... more on that later.

    receipt printer

    Let's inspect the accuracy of the twisting of wires. As we see, everything is in order: We

    walk further along the store. Let's see the price tags. In principle, no surprises:

    price tags

    Self-service scales are fairly standard, except that a plate with the image of fruits and vegetables hangs on top:

    trade scales

    I already wrote to you that disappointment awaits you. Well, I don’t know about you, for sure. Remember I said that I found the cashier's display, all my hopes came to an end when I went to shop at the cashier. So, meet: the customer display is one-line-two-line! It would seem that there is a lot of place to draw some beautiful interface for the buyer, or even make a font for more ideas did not arise, so it will do. And then where is the cashier’s display?

    customer display

    And here he is. The role of the cashier’s display is played by the device, which should be for the buyer. Of course, many of you who were in Auchan, for example, also saw such a thing. Like this:

    Let’s now take a walk along the tourist streets where they sell all sorts of things and see what they have at the box office. There is such a variety of varieties that I just ran my eyes.

    Simple interfaces:

    cash program

    Simple cash desks:

    box office

    Sometimes there are tachy cars:

    pos system

    And sometimes just computers with weights:

    pos terminal


    Well, enough island exotic already, let's now move to the capital of Spain - Madrid. What can meet here? Micros Fingerprint Identity Checkout:

    pos terminal

    Well, let's check Madrid stores? - No no. We will go to a place much cooler - to the market of San Miguel!

    There are dark inhabitants with dark blue interfaces:

    pos terminal

    There are just ASUS with a normal interface:

    pos terminal

    There are also touch-buttons:

    pos terminal

    There is everyone's favorite Bizerba. It was not by chance that I focused on the Bizerba scales. And why? Let's go further in the market ...


    I go further and see this kind of thing: on many counters the cash drawer is connected to the scales and stands next to them. The seller weighs the goods, the amount is considered, a label like a check protrudes from the scales and the box comes off. Maybe someone saw this somewhere, but this is my first time. Hehe: cash register:

    Now let's take a closer look at this miracle of technology. Let's approach the same Bizerb, but already suspended:

    And we see that the basic interface of the scales is redone for cash mode. As you can see there are even drawings with bills. Here is such an automation of the market:

    Let's go further through Madrid and look at the other stores.

    Somewhere everything is standard in Wincor:

    cash register equipment

    And somewhere, IBM:

    cash program

    Interfaces with large buttons from GESPOS:

    cash program

    And sometimes they even turn purple:

    cash program

    By the way, another feature that I met in Spain, in many stores, and especially in tourist places, is always a killer arsenal from bank terminals. At least 3 are always there:


    There is one banking terminal, but one in a row:

    But it's time to leave Madrid and go to the airport. Yes, by the way, somehow I always avoided ticket offices at airports, an unforgivable gap. Replenish. Today the box office of Madrid Barajas Airport. In one of the duty free is the standard Wincor:

    wincor nixdorf

    Well, these are all standard ticket offices. Let’s go to one of the food court racks and order a seagull before departure. And we see that many cafes have self-service devices for paying cash Cash Dro 4. That is: you poured tea, gave food. Then, if you pay with a card, then the cashier does the operation, but if in cash, then, then, please use this machine yourself, which will count the change itself. By the way, all this has been done so that the hands of the cashier, who in the cafe behind the counter still and at the same time put food to remain sterile, without touching the dirty bills. Hehe, you might think that microbes will not crawl from the card:

    We walk further along the airport. Let's go to some inconspicuous hardware store, voila, what do we see? There is a price checker that I haven’t come across in Spain so far. It looks like something like a tablet with a barcode scanner inserted under it. Check:

    Oh, what is it? Crystal ??? - Wow! Well, let’s check how the Crystal there makes software!

    Test 1

    Barcode scanning. I must say right away that, unfortunately, there is nothing to depict, since when I scanned the barcode, this device didn’t react at all. FAILED!

    Test 2

    Well, since there is already a mode for entering the product barcode manually, let's try this. The letters at the top of the screen for some reason are sitting on top of each other. Trying to enter the first two digits of my barcode is looking for something, but not that. Okay, click on any product:

    So, at the top we are solemnly announced by the inscription “you selected product” at 399.00EUR the number of pieces remaining in the warehouse 3. But it’s interesting what kind of product I chose for 399EURO. Shop of surprises!

    Yes, by the way, there are also buttons here: Prodcut Video and Product Images. But clicking on them, the device also didn’t take any actions:

    Then a funny dialogue took place with the seller of the store:

    Seller: Do you want to know the price of this product?
    Me: Yes, I tried to scan the barcode and enter it manually, but nothing works.
    Salesman: Let me tell you the price.
    I: I understand, but I want to find out detailed information about the price and characteristics through this device and it behaves incomprehensibly.
    Salesman: Why do you need this device because I am there.
    Me: And if I was not alone?
    Salesman: Well, it doesn’t work, just while it weighs like that, it was recently hanged.
    (A curtain).

    Next we go to the city popular with tourists - Barcelona

    Let's go to the first supermarket that comes across. The same trend, but already the same, that for the cashier and for the buyer are almost the same devices:

    Metler Toledo scales : Neat


    In souvenir shops interfaces with buttons, and you have to click on the buttons with the mouse:

    I think everyone remembers that I noticed that that the Spaniards use not 2 bank terminals in reserve, but 3 in tourist shops. So, it was in Madrid, it’s worth mentioning right away that Madrid is not the first in terms of tourist saturation, here naturally the palm belongs to Barcelona, ​​both in terms of tourists and the number of bank terminals. There are 4 in the picture, but in fact the 5th still lay:

    Something got a little hot. Let's go to some institution. Wow! Toshiba Cash Register Black Luggage Notebook:

    Continuing your walk around Barcelona. Let's go to the candy store. Oh ... there are also scales with money boxes connected in a simple version:

    There are different interfaces. Some of them are even nothing:

    HP Monoblock:

    Somewhere simpler:

    Microsoft Navision is not tormented and trusted in some cafes:

    HP Monoblocks are found:

    Scales reign here mainly DIBAL:

    Let's buy something. Let's go to the counter. We see the scales:

    Weigh the goods:

    Add the position to the check:

    And we get the check from the receipt printer, which is naturally connected to the scale. I did not find a cash drawer. Apparently the money goes somewhere along its own path:

    Well, finally, let's go to another Barcelona supermarket. Let's see another box office:

    Afterword ...

    In Mallorca, with these devices, they accept goods and print at the same time:

    Accept the goods:

    In general, the Spaniards affectionately love cash registers in their view:

    Adios ...

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