Successful take-off and soft landing. Landing page for end users

    I have repeatedly been convinced that the market in some of its areas is a fairly extensible substance. It would seem that there are so many offers that are enough to satisfy any demand, but no - there are more and more new players who manage to find their niche in the long-lived segment and successfully work in it. A telling example is landings. Today, even the beekeepers, social phobia and Tajik construction crews are far from Internet entrepreneurs are aware that without competent Landing , giving a high conversion , which is responsible for lead generation - well, just anywhere.

    Beekeepers and builders may not understand the meaning of these terms, but they can smell it from the inside out; without all this, they cannot survive in the modern world. Gardeners and gardeners know from experience about the importance of planting. But on the residents of Habr, the combination of these words usually produces the exact opposite effect - only after seeing it here, the majority, having hit a sweeping minus and not even looking under the cut, leaves to read something funky about how to code in Java / c ++ / Python. But do not rush to make hasty conclusions.

    Disclaimer: Frivolous tone in relation to representatives of professions not related to IT, please consider only as a means of artistic expression, used for the sake of a more intelligible arrangement of all points on i.

    Landing page, as an important marketing tool, came into fashion several years ago. A lot of smart and pseudo-smart articles have been written about the benefits of landing pages, in which, with slight deviations, the same “win-win” recipe is presented: “tasty” product description, visualization, catchy design, call to action and feedback from happy owners. We mix all this (but do not shake it) - and, well, get your page. The recipe is used by a huge number of large companies, smaller offices and single entrepreneurs, riveting these same landing pages for sale. Landing designers of the landing pages offer to create them yourself and often for free. As a result, today only a lazy one does not make landing pages - it’s so profitable and relatively relaxed (and they wrote about it more than once on Habré).

    Meanwhile, recently, landing page performance has often disappointed their buyers. The beekeeper or the interior decoration master receives his own landing page, and the flow of customers begins to wait, but he still is not there. And he seems to understand that this is not all, and in order for CA to get him down, some additional work needs to be done, but the problem is that he does not know which one. And when he finds out by asking friends and acquaintances, it becomes sickeningly clear that in order for the client to go, he needs to invest a lot of hard earned money in this business.

    And then two ways are possible:

    1. The beekeeper (builder, plowman, auto mechanic or locksmith) scores for his work, immerses himself in self-study of materiel, trying to figure out what is split testing or to understand the basics of SEO and HTML. Of course, he receives certain knowledge (self-education is excellent), but their superficiality and lack of practice do not allow him to bring his landing page to the proper level. And while he spends time studying the basics, somewhere in the world one programmer is sad , by his direct nature he does not have time to harvest or miss out on a profitable order for the installation of suspended ceilings.

    2. The owner of the landing is looking for outsourcing, and trying to get by with minimal costs. Separately pays for SEO, separately for SMM, and runs contextual advertising. And as a rule, he is disappointed - the buyer of his products costs him too much.

    The locksmith’s locksmith’s

    conclusion is unequivocal: the specialist should go about his business. The beekeeper - with bees, the builder - with repairs, the auto mechanic - with machines. Let those who do it professionally engage in landing pages. The market is dynamic, its answer is quickly found on any current situation. Currently, a whole category of companies is present at it and is actively selling their services, offering a comprehensive approach and promising the user for his money not an ephemeral clientele, but a more or less specific lead generation.

    Which and in any field, the leaders are the formations that have managed to combine classy specialists and advanced technologies, which gives them the opportunity to offer the user a complete, ready-to-use product. In the context of this article, there are projects that offer the user a set of tools to increase conversion and effective lead generation.

    There are several of them in Runet - LPgenerator, LPMotor, SoloMoto, Witget, a blog on Habré, are stronger and weaker, which have reached the limit of possibilities in their evolution and are only developing. I will concentrate on one thing, since it is for him, for further development, that he currently needs the support of venture capital - at least he, without hesitation, declares this on our collective investment platform. Although at this stage of the startup’s existenceLeadkit has something to offer its customers, and they already understood it.

    In order to offer the user an optimal product, Leadkit combines almost all the tools possible and necessary for successful lead generation.

    The functionality allows you to control the difficult process of creating and using the landing page for its intended purpose within the framework of one service. Leadkit provides a comprehensive service that includes developing a unique landing page design, publishing it on the Web and hosting, attracting traffic, a series of A / B tests and subsequent processing of incoming applications in a convenient CRM. Statistics and analytics tools will determine the success rate of a business, and open source allows the client to directly edit their page, integrating all the necessary scripts and modules.

    The competitive advantages of the service include a truly comprehensive solution for small businesses (from creating a landing page to its effective promotion) and user-friendly functionality that does not require special training from entrepreneurs.

    Currently, the service is an established business with established clientele and stable orders, monetized through the sale of tariffs and services for the creation of landing pages and lead generation. In addition, for web studios and advertising agencies, Leadkit has a White Label tariff, which enables its customers to offer services under their own brand without any mention of its real authorship. Why the service needed investments from outside, its co-founder Dmitry Belozerov will tell :

    Dmitry, why do you need investments, at first glance, the process has been started, is everything debugged?

    - Yes, everything is in order with the functionality, there are clients too. Funds are needed primarily for advertising (SEO, CPA, content marketing, mass marketing, telemarketing). In addition, in the near future we plan to offer users 200 new templates, and in the future to develop a new system interface.

    - Clear. Tell me about yourself, about the project, when you realized that it was time to do what you are doing now?

    - I’ve been developing websites since 2007, I previously worked at BlackSun, LPGenerator, Block, Discond. The first work was to create turnkey sites, they were terrible and were done through Dreamweaver, the design was also mine. The next step was an advertising agency, where I held the position of HTML-layout and SEO-optimizer. There, I already began to study site building in more detail, and how the Internet marketing that originated in those years worked. Having gained experience, I got a job in a large Moscow group of companies as an SEO-optimizer. When I began to confidently navigate this position and optimized my work, I had enough free time. I took orders for turnkey website development, and initially all the profits from the development went to freelancers, I myself was content with the chance to get an order to promote the site. Little by little knowledge and understanding of web development grew, gathered a group of freelancers and focused on developing. Then he met the fun and successful LPGenerator team, helped them raise the Landing Production Department, and held the position of Head of design. Well, in the end, together with the second co-founder Sergey Belov, they decided to establish their own service to help small and medium-sized businesses to increase sales through lead generation.

    - Do you promise investors any prospects?

    - Of course. In the future, with the help of investments, we intend to reach a qualitatively different level in order to attract the widest masses of users, and even move away from technical terminology, offering our clients to create not just a “landing” at our facilities, but to build a working business with the whole range of necessary tools . Accordingly, this will affect the profitability of the project and the growth of its capitalization.

    - Work business? That is, if a novice entrepreneur - a shoemaker, tailor, beekeeper) turns to you))) (he was given to me), who decided to sell the fruits of his craft, his experience, can you help him in this?

    - Yes, the expansion of our service implies exactly this - to remove from the client worries about the Internet component of his business.

    -Thank you Dmitry! I hope Leadkit succeeds.

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