Partnership Docker and Microsoft: many announcements

    On October 15, the new Docker and Microsoft joint initiatives were announced on the official Docker website to address the following challenges:

    • Distributing Docker Technology on Windows with Docker Engine for Windows Server
    • Microsoft Open API Support by Docker Orchestration
    • Docker Hub Integration with Microsoft Azure
    • Collaboration on the multi-Docker container model, including support for applications supporting both Linux and Windows Docker containers

    Below are some details of the new partnership, which can be found in official publications from Scott Guthrie , Jason Zander, or an official press release .

    Microsoft and Docker integrate open-source Docker engine with next version of Windows Server. This new version of Windows Server will contain new container isolation technology and will support the launch of both .NET and other applications (Node.js, Java, C ++, etc.) inside containers. Individual developers and organizations can use it to create distributed container-based applications for Windows Server that can leverage the entire ecosystem of Docker tools and applications. These technologies will lead to the emergence of a new class of distributed applications built on Docker that will use Linux and Windows images together.

    Microsoft will provide Docker client support for Windows, Windows developers and administrators will be able to use a single client and interface to host applications and manage Docker for both Linux and Windows Server environments.

    Docker container images for Windows Server will be available on the Docker Hub portal along with the Docker for Linux images available today. This allows developers and administrators to easily automate application environments and workflows using Windows Server and Linux.

    Microsoft integrates the Docker Hub with the Microsoft Azure Gallery and Azure Management Portal . This will greatly simplify the deployment of both types of Windows Server and Linux Docker images in an Azure cloud environment.

    Finally, Microsoft will be involved in the development and delivery of code in the Docker open source orchestration APIs . These APIs offer an easy way to control the creation of a multi-container Docker application environment, hosted in any data center or cloud provider environment. For example, these APIs allow you to easily deploy applications on Docker containers for Linux or Windows Server in an Azure cloud environment using the command line from your work machine.


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