Visual bookmarks in Opera 25 for computers

Original author: Zheinis Beisekov
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When I recall some moments, I imagine them and seem to see them again. This is how my memory works. So it is with the things that I find on the Internet. All these videos, pictures or songs that I found are visual memories for me. Today we bring you Opera with new features. And one of them is especially important for me - it's bookmarks. But not simple, but  with a twist.

The highlight is that the bookmarks are visual

Bookmarks in regular browsers save the addresses of sites - you can organize them into folders and edit headers. It's simple. But we at Opera also worked to make them look good. And here is what they look like:

Using bookmarks

Click on the heart in the address bar. See how it works:

We hope you’re as excited about the new visual bookmarks in  Opera for Windows and Mac as we are. Thanks to everyone who tried bookmarks in  beta and left their feedback. And don't forget that Opera for Linux is available in  beta .

Download Opera 25

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