Ukrainian students created gloves that translate sign language into speech

    Enable Talk project of the Ukrainian QuadSquad team. One of six finalists at Microsoft`s Imagine Cup in Sydney.

    The guys created gloves equipped with a solar battery, pressure sensors, gyroscopes and accelerometers, which with the help of special software can translate sign language into text and then into speech using the text-to-speech engine. The system connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

    The team created several prototypes and tested them with the help of people who know sign language. According to one of the team members, Maxim Osika, the idea came to them in the course of communication with athletes suffering from hearing impairment.

    Typically, such projects cost about $ 1200, and are sold separately, devices and software.

    Immediately, the cost of the iron needed to manufacture the device is about $ 75.

    Another of the features is that users will be able to add new gestures to the recognition system, thus teaching it.



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