Welcome to Kharkov on Siklum Mobile Saturday October 25th

    Ciklum invites all fans of Android and iOS to Mobile Saturday , which will be held October 25 at the Kharkov office of Ciklum.
    Ciklum Saturday is an event where you have a great opportunity not only to listen to interesting speakers, but also to plunge deeper into the professional environment and discuss burning topics with like-minded people.

    There are 4 reports on the agenda:
    1. Unit Testing: UIViewController Challenge with Maxim Koshtenko, Senior iOS Developer (Dnipro)
    • testing IBOutlet & IBAction connections
    • specifics of viewDidLoad tests
    • UINavigationController testing
    • tests for class methods
    • deallocations testing
    2. Sensus. DSL for NSDictionary Parsing with Alexei Demedetsky, Senior iOS Developer (Kharkov)
    • Scope description
    • Why it is not ok
    • What we need
    • Sensus
    3. Material Design Animations. Tips and Tricks for Android Development with Ilya Lisov, Android Developer (Dnipro)
    • introduction to material design for web and mobile material in Android (setup material theme)
    • animations: touch feedback, reveal effect, activity transitions, curved motion, animating view state changes
    4. NoSQL and Android with Anton Minashkin, Android Developer, Eleks (Kremenchug)
    • What is NoSQL
    • Couchbase Lite
    • Diving into API
    • Code time
    Date: October 25 (Saturday)
    Time: 11: 00-15: 30
    Location: st. Otakar Yarosh, 18D, TC "Movement", 3rd floor
    You can register for the event here .
    Beginning at 11:00 at ul. Otakar Yarosh, 18D, “Dvizhenie” shopping center, 3rd floor

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