Facebook personalization

    Each of you has 20-30% of your friends on Facebook, who are sensitively reacting to some next topic (crisis, Putin, Ukraine, the USA and others) and publish posts on this topic with annoying frequency. And sorry to pity (a friend, after all, plus sometimes publishes something really interesting) and you can’t stand it.

    On the other hand, there is a huge stream of posts that all your friends on social networks generate.

    Facebook (and any other social network) began to solve the flow problem with personalized filters. You are not shown everything in a row, but only what Facebook considers interesting for you.

    The flow problem has been resolved, but the problem of delirium and irrelevant content is not. That's because for the most part, the content you recommend on Facebook is ranked by popularity. If a link gets a lot of likes / comments, it’s very likely that it will be shown to you in the feed. Even in spite of the fact that “this World Cup has already pissed off how much you can ?!”.

    As a rule, recommendation systems sometimes allow you to tune yourself: mark content relevant or not relevant.

    Unfortunately, on Facebook you have only two options to stop receiving irrelevant content from some person: to freak him out or write him that he already got you. The first way is morally difficult, since a person like friend will be offended if you freak out. The second method is not viable: from what you write to him that he got with his football, he will not cease to be a fan of this football.

    So your tape remains the same unreadable garbage from actively discussed posts that are irrelevant to you.

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