Dronecode project: a free platform for unmanned aerial vehicles

    The Linux Foundation took control of the Dronecode project , which aims to create a free and open platform for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

    The key participant is 3D Robotics, which has provided the APM Autopilot Suite platform for UAV control (the platform was formerly known as ArduPilot).

    In addition, Dronecode included the development of another PX4 project , which is being conducted at the Technical University of Zurich.

    3D Robotics Auto Pilot Modules (left) and PX4

    In addition to 3D Robotics, Intel, Qualcomm, Baidu and the Box cloud hoster, as well as 7 other small companies directly involved in the development of UAVs, signed up for the new organization. These are DroneDeploy, jDrones, Laser Navigation (VirtualRobotix), SkyWard, Squadrone System, Walkera and Yuneec. All of them use the APM Autopilot platform.

    Over the past year, 3D Robotics has done a great job porting APM to Linux . Now the module is running Arduino and the Nuttx operating system , but soon the Linux version will be published as part of the Dronecode project.

    Screenshots of APM software

    Under APM, you can also make budget-level UAVs running BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi. For example, like a BeaglePilot .

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