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    In a post "Epson Printing Factory" and a laser printer, one of Habr's users asked a question about a new series of printers and MFPs Epson WorkForce Pro , aimed at use in the office. We decided to talk about new devices in more detail, since we believe that they will surely arouse the interest of those who pick up scanning and printing equipment in the office (and want to save on printing).

    And here's why: with the release of new devices, Epson offers solutions for all segments of the printing market. A printing factory is a solution for personal printing or printing in a small office. WorkForce Pro - Network printers and MFPs for medium volumes. And in a very short time the WorkForce RIPS series devices for large volumes of business printing will be released (we will talk about them in a separate post).

    Those. Now Epson can offer printing solutions for any task and business.

    What makes the new WorkForce Pro good?

    First of all - low cost of ownership. The only consumables for these models are only cartridges and a waste ink tank. Cartridge yield - up to 4000 pages, waste capacity resource - 50,000 pages.
    Many people think that any inkjet printing using cartridges is expensive, but this is not the case with this line of printers and MFPs. Cartridges for models of the WorkForce Pro series have a large capacity, significantly larger than in cartridges for home models.

    While laser printers require the replacement of cartridges, and photodrums, and the stove, and other resource parts, which, based on the features of laser printing technology, are larger than inkjet devices, due to fewer resource parts, we gain in the cost of ownership of printers and WorkForce Pro Series MFPs. Therefore, with prolonged use, WorkFocre Pro and RIPS devices come out much cheaper both in operation and in print.

    The devices are designed for high load: 35,000 pages per month for A4 format models and up to 65,000 pages for A3 format. The load at the level of laser devices of a similar size.

    In addition, not everyone knows that Epson office printers use pigment inks , not water-soluble ones.. Unlike laser printer toner, prints do not crumble from paper over time. Ink does not smear or spread out under the influence of water. Therefore, they are usually recommended for printing documents for archival storage.

    What can they do?

    In principle, everything that other printers can do: duplex printing, work in wired and wireless networks, print from mobile devices, via the Internet and cloud services, allow the installation of high-capacity trays ... In general, they are suitable for solving a wide range of problems.

    By the way, these devices are capable of working both with very thin paper (64 g / m2) and with very dense media (up to 256 g / m2). Therefore, the list of used print materials can be very large, unlike laser devices.

    Instead of output

    At the cost of ownership, the Epson WorkForce Pro series devices are even cheaper than black and white laser printers and MFPs. Moreover, they allow you to print color documents, that is, in fact, color printing is obtained as if "as a gift."

    In our Moscow office, for example, these devices completely replaced the outdated Epson laser printers, and we are still getting used to how quickly they begin to print the first sheet, without requiring time to warm up the drum. It seems a trifle, but it saves time and nerves.

    If you have questions about the new models of the series - you can ask them in this post or contact our technical support service.

    Soon we will talk about the new devices of the Epson WorkForce RIPS series, which are designed to print large volumes of documents and refuel "ink bags ”, which are enough for an incredible number of prints (or rather, about 75 thousand from the starter kit).

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