The official Panasonic online store sends the password in clear text and in a copy to 3 recipients

    An affiliate promotional code for a discount came for work. Registered on Panasonic eplaza (the official Panasonic online store on their domain).

    The password in the letter came in clear text and in a hidden copy (which not every client will show) to the following people: Alexey Bratushka (, Olga Panayetova ( and Vadim Vikhrov (vadim.vikhrov @ Why do these people need passwords: a question for the security service. And there are a lot of use cases with the right hands: a targeted address database + login with a password that allows you to parse personal accounts and purchase history. Dictionary database of passwords. Take and send / sell.

    At the same time, during registration, they collect data about the date of birth, income, etc. - at least now go to the bank if someone conscientiously fills out. Partners are asked to indicate corporate mail: many in the online store can specify the same password as work mail (ordinary users will indicate, of course, their regular mail).

    Be careful.

    Update: great, just fine. Want to change your password? You will receive a letter to the mailbox with the status on changing the password, a copy to the same 3 people and, attention, a link at the end by which the password can be changed again (sarcasm tag: to help SEO, not otherwise, since the password is not written during the change )

    Storage of Panasonic Rus
    LLC Users 'Personal Data Panasonik Rus LLC stores users' personal data on a secure server in the Russian Federation
    Panason Rus LLC takes all legal, organizational and technical measures provided for by Federal Law No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data” protection of personal data from unlawful or accidental access to it, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, provision, dissemination, as well as from other illegal actions, in relation to a person nyh data. At the same time, the User is informed that the measures taken do not guarantee complete protection of websites, data transfer on the Internet, computer systems or wireless connections.
    Upon registration, the user receives (assigns) a passwordfor access to certain sections of the site (Personal Account), Panasonic Rus LLC guarantees its confidentiality. For its part, the User agrees not to disclose the password to third parties.

    Update 2:

    Update 3 (17:41) The official comment of Panasonic representatives:
    On October 13, 2014, a number of online resources published information regarding a possible leak of user data for the Panasonic ePlaza online store.
    The administration of the online store is aware of the problem discovered by users and is already actively taking measures to eliminate it. Currently, the possibility of unauthorized access to personal information of users of our online store is blocked. In the near future, a message with instructions for changing the password will be sent to all registered users.

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