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    Announcing the inclusion of “Habrahabr” in the register of information distributors, we made it clear that we plan to transfer part of the content to a new project. The decision to transfer non-core hubs to another place isolated from Habrahabr has long been ripening within the company. But for the decision to start acting something was missing. The inclusion of "Habr" in the register of information disseminators served as an impetus for the beginning of decisive action.

    What happened?

    So, we decided to put on a separate project all the offtopic and non-core hubs that do not belong to the field of professional knowledge of IT-specialists and interfere with positioning “Habrahabr” exclusively as a professional, hardcore resource where IT people share experiences with each other and improve their professional skills.

    Going through possible names, we settled on a combination of two words that was understandable to geeks. The result is the name Geektimes ("Geek Times", or "Geek Times"). We tried to keep the name a secret and we were lucky that it was declassified by the results of the investigation of one of our users after we bought all domains similar to the name from squatters.

    What is Geektimes?

    Structurally, Geektimes looks like an exact copy of the elder brother - “Habrahabr”, with the exception that we slightly changed the color scheme to visually separate two similar sites. Closed registration, invite system, voting for publications, karma, filtering thresholds - everything is just like at Habr.

    Thanks to Geektimes, instead of “fighting” and tightening the screws in relation to information considered non-core at Habré, we will, on the contrary, encourage its creation and dissemination. For example, the hub “Legislation and IT-business”, for which a year ago we rightly got the most tomatoes, at Geektimes will be specialized. Moreover, we created a hub of a similar theme - “ Internet Regulation ”. There were such hubs as " Games ", " Lifehacks for geeks ", "Medgadgets ”and others - subscribe!

    The same thing with many other hubs that were considered offtopics on the Habr. If earlier when publishing material on popular science topics or reviewing another interesting gadget, you doubted whether this would erode the Habr topic, now you can safely share this information on Geektimes. Similarly, we want to expand the popular science theme and will gladly accept proposals for the creation of new hubs.

    At Geektimes, we have already created several new hubs and during the first time after the launch we will actively add others, including focusing on your offers. Unlike “Habrahabr”, there is no heading for hubs at Geektimes - we will decide on it as soon as we create most of the new hubs and understand how they could be structured.

    What happened to the publications?

    As mentioned above, publications were transferred to offtopic hubs and non-core hubs. If the publication was posted in at least one specialized hub, then it remained on the Habr. If the publication was posted in any hubs other than the profile one, it moved to Geektimes, along with the rating, comments, view counter and other data. As a result, specialized publications (and hubs) remained on Habr, and all non-core and offtopics moved to Geektimes and, on the contrary, became specialized. Win-win game, as people rushing with foreign words like to say.

    What happened to users?

    During the transfer, we copied the entire user base as is. You can log into Geektimes using the account information on Habré (or TM ID). If it so happened that all user posts posted on Habr moved to Geektimes - his karma on Habr reset to zero, but remained unchanged on the new project. Most likely, for some users this zeroing will be a drama, however, we ask you to understand our intent. We want the influence on Habré to have users whose publications are specialized and help others develop professional skills.

    What happened to the companies?

    All the content published by the companies (as part of their card) remained on Habré. At the same time, we duplicated company cards with an active subscription on Geektimes, including all settings, and added an additional quarter to the current subscription expiration date. As a result, it turned out that companies with an active subscription to Habré got a similar subscription to Geektimes with a longer validity period. In the future, you can use both resources, or separately - depending on the task.

    What's next?

    The division of Habrahabr into two similar resources is the point from which further the resources will move each in its own way. We do not plan any radical changes in the ideology and mechanisms of Habrahabr. Our goal is to develop a professional resource where value-creating people set the tone. At Geektimes, we will experiment and try to introduce a revision into the project, which together with users will work on the content of the project. If anyone does not know, back in 2006, Habrahabr began as a hybrid project, where users shared information with the editors. The history of the project began with this, and we came to this point many years later, deciding to highlight Geektimes and planning to make it more hybrid, in contrast to the fully autonomous Habrahabr.

    We will develop both projects and introduce new solutions that improve the work of the authors and the overall impression of the product. We admit that we will mainly run all the new chips on Habré, however some solutions will be tested on Geektimes. For example, new types of publications, such as slideshows.

    In the coming days, we will fine-tune two related projects, recounting ratings, indices and other parameters. Please treat with understanding, we are working hard to make Habrahabr and Geektimes even more convenient for you.

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