Facebook hacked: up to 90 million user accounts were attacked due to an error in the code, the company apologizes

    If you are logged out on Friday morning on Facebook - you are not alone.

    Facebook suffered from an attack that has affected up to 90 million personal user accounts, the company said.

    Vulnerability in the social network code allowed hackers to access at least 50, and perhaps even 90 million, personal information through the breach of the “See how” function, which allows you to view your own account as if you were someone else. . Taking advantage of this vulnerability, hackers managed to get access tokens that ensure the safety of users and then penetrate their accounts.

    The company found out about the problem on Tuesday and it took several days to fix the vulnerability. As a result, the tokens were reset, and now anyone who tries to connect with them will not be able to do this. And all users who used the “View as” function over the past year turned out this morning (Friday, EST), after the bugfix was released, they were logged out and had to log in again.

    “The privacy and safety of people is incredibly important, and we regret that this happened,” such comments can be seen today in the news media, which began to replicate this topic at an incredible pace, which casts a shadow on the company's reputation.

    But why make this information public?

    The point is the new European GDPR, it obliges companies to immediately report hacking publicly, if any, otherwise it would be very heavy fines.

    This is not the first hack on Facebook and not the last; many users have seriously thought about who and how they trust their data. After all, Facebook keeps everything up to your geoposition.

    Recently, according to the law, they asked everyone to confirm their agreement with the collection of geodata .

    The security issue is more relevant than ever. And therefore, probably not in vain, we post the translation of the MIT course "Computer Security" in the network ., although in 2014, as well as other materials related to security, as the basics never lose their relevance and often mistakes are repeated, including in such large companies as Facebook, which rolled out the vulnerability update, along with the changes they made in the video downloader, back in July 2017. And who knows how difficult the vulnerability was, if until now independent pentesters have not discovered it.

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