Overview of mobile applications for learning English

    So autumn has come. The period when summer ended and school and institute classes began. But knowledge of the English language is relevant for all age groups and now is the time to start learning it. To do this, again, sit at the books ?! The textbooks are certainly good, but it is painfully boring and now they can be replaced. It’s much more fun to learn English by playing it. In this article, we will select programs for learning English that can work on both iOS and Android.


    To begin with, you need to replenish the vocabulary. An application for iOS and Android called EngCards (formerly English with English Cards Free) helps you learn English words amazingly quickly and permanently . The application has 3,500 cards in the form of English words and pictures with professional pronunciation from a native speaker. Flashcards are one of the oldest and most effective methods for memorizing English words.

    • Words are selected for all levels of knowledge of the English language in accordance with the courses of the same name: Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate + bonus in the form of basic words (nouns, adjectives, numerals and verbs)
    • All words in the application are translated into 79 languages, including Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian.
    • According to the creators of the application, their special learning technique will help you learn English words once and for all.

    The main “trick” in the program is the customizable repetition periods of words. As you know, to memorize, and not temporarily memorize, the subject of study, and in our case these are words, must be repeated periodically. In the program, these periods are set in the settings. By default there are 5. If the word was learned in the exercise “test” (you need to do it on 5 stars) or “write yourself” (you need to do it on 4 stars), all correctly selected and written words will be considered learned. Words will disappear from memorization for 2 hours, then return after 2 hours to memorize. With repeated memorization, the word will already disappear for a day, then a week, 2 months and a year in accordance with the settings.

    One of the reviews from the application page in the Apple Store: “Although there are a lot of applications for learning English words, I settled on this. It has some zest. You begin to learn words and addictive for a long time. You don’t notice how time flies. ”

    Pros: original method of memorizing words, support for 79 languages ​​of the world
    Cons: practically none
    Rating: 5/5
    Website: www.engwords.net


    LinguaLeo is already quite an “old” and experienced player in the market of applications for learning English. The main "mainstay" of the service is the website, which presents all kinds of training courses, trainings, video lessons and trainings, including paid ones.

    The LinguaLeo mobile application reloads a little (for anyone) boring learning process and introduces a competitive element into it. So, the application consists of several parts. Thousands of diverse texts are available in the jungle, the main task of which is to teach us new words. The translation of a particular word can be obtained by clicking on it.

    There are courses on all existing times and offer members. However, access to the majority is available only at an additional cost. There are also various thematic dictionaries, exercises for correct pronunciation (without comparison), training, and grammar tests.

    The competition is created here due to the system of levels, receiving which, you can open new types of training. Or you can open them all at once by paying the nth amount from your Google Play wallet.

    In general, Lingualeo is a good service for learning English, only the application seemed a little “childish”.

    Pros: a variety of exercises
    Cons: a "children's" style of performance, no conversational exercises, the presence of a kind of "donut"
    Rating: 4/5
    Website: www.lingualeo.com


    According to the developers, Busuu includes over 30,000 words and phrases on more than 150 topics. And all this is in the eleven languages ​​of the world.

    All courses are divided by complexity - from primary to higher. Depending on it, the course may include reading exercises, writing small texts, polls, vocabulary tests and dialogs (listening, speaking, comparing). A worthy feature that distinguishes Busuu from its competitors is the ability to send a practical exercise (letter, for example) for testing the online community.

    At the end of all lessons (in any language) there is a bonus “Travel course” for those who travel and do not want to learn the language “completely”. And among the options there is a convenient “reminder” for those who want to work on a schedule.
    The truth was not without a fly in the ointment - like in LinguaLeo, there is also a “donut” here, for which you can buy individual lessons. And he bites much more strongly here - an annual license will cost almost $ 70. True, there are not many such paid lessons.

    In general, Busuu is a very convenient and nicely designed application. Given the strong support of the network society, it can be recommended for use, however, the presence of payments does not allow Busuu to be rated as high as possible.

    Pros: huge community, a large number of supported languages
    Cons: donate
    Rating: 4/5
    Website: www.busuu.com The

    previous three applications were more or less serious, and allowed you to start learning English from scratch. The following two are aimed at those who are already familiar with this language and just want to improve their "skill" in grammar or pronunciation.

    Pumpkin Eng

    At the first launch, “Pumpkin” is a little striking in its originality, because instead of memorizing words or writing letters, we are offered to play ... tic-tac-toe sentences! Agree, a very original system. In addition, even if you have a good command of the times and grammar of English, then you also need to think about strategy - it's tic-tac-toe!

    In practice, it looks like this: you start a game with a computer in a certain “time”. Here is a grid of 9 cells - lines-tenses or verbs and columns-types (positive, negative, question) or tenses (in the game with tenses of verbs). You click in the cell where you want to "go" and choose the correct option from the three offered.

    Moving on to the next levels of the game, we discover new words that will be used in sentences. Plus, during any game you can get help infographics for all existing times.

    As if all of the above was not good, but in the free version they will not be allowed to go beyond the first level - you will have to purchase an application (approximately $ 3-4).

    In general, I really liked the Pumpkin - for the most part, precisely because of its originality. But the need to pay compared to what competitors offer for free greatly reduces its attractiveness in the eyes of the user.

    Pros: original training system
    Cons: in fact, the application is paid
    Rating: 3/5
    Website: www.ticwow.com

    Carton Tongue Twister

    No matter how well you write in English, the ability to pronounce words correctly is also worth a lot. And the guys at the Online Science Classroom think the tongue twisters are the best way to learn the correct pronunciation.

    I’ll immediately run ahead and note that only the first eight tongue twisters are free in the application, the rest will have to be bought for ridiculous $ 2. But in this case, they are not at all sorry, because the actual sketches-tongue twisters are interactive cartoons drawn by hand. And this childish-clumsy style of performance and funny animation looks very cute.

    There are 28 tongue twisters in the appendix (I would like more, at least 50) that can be spoken at different levels of difficulty. Plus there is such a very useful option as recording your own pronunciation. We recorded, compared, saw errors.

    There is nothing more to tell about the application, just try it - you will definitely like it.

    Pros: stylish design of lessons
    Cons: not enough tongue twisters
    Rating: 4/5
    Website: www.osc-apps.com

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