Disney works on the natural movement of robots

    Disney may not have earned a name in the production of robots, but they undoubtedly use a lot of animatronics in their films and amusement parks. In a sense, viewers and visitors are even more demanding of the naturalness of gestures of moving figures, so it is quite natural that the company was preoccupied with developments in this area. In their laboratories, they developed a new way to control mechanical dolls without the use of familiar motors or pumps. Instead, they use pneumatic tubes and air pressure. The result on the video looks pretty good:

    Almost got into an ominous valley.

    Key technology - passive pneumatic transmission with ultra-low friction:

    The control motors can be placed in the body of the robot - this makes the mechanical arm easier and the movements more elegant. If you replace the air in the transfer to water, then it can be used as a passive manipulator and without motors, directly by the operator (or puppeteer). In this case, he gets a direct tactile fraternal connection, including the ability to feel textures.


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