Exit of large iPads delayed due to sixth iPhones

    Apple partners had to change plans for a new iPad with an increased screen size - the date has shifted to the beginning of next year. As an informed source told WSJ , this is due to large orders for new iPhone smartphones.

    According to the industry representative, Apple suppliers initially planned to begin full-scale production of large tablets in December this year.

    According to WSJ, Apple's supply chain, trying to meet demand, has now focused on producing large screens for the company's smartphones. “The output of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus remains unsatisfactory,” a source told the publication. “That would be a real problem if display manufacturers decided to redistribute resources and spend several months increasing the output of screens for new, large iPads.”

    Foxconn, Apple’s main smartphone and tablet maker, also faced difficulties trying to hire the right number of workers to build new iPhones at the company's largest factory in Zhengzhou in southern China. At this plant alone, more than 200 thousand people are engaged in the assembly of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the manufacture of some components for Apple smartphones (in particular, metal elements of the case are manufactured here).

    “Everyone is busy with the new iPhone - it's bread and butter for Foxconn. Terry Guo himself (the president of the company) went to a factory in Zhengzhou to control production, ”Foxconn spokesman told WSJ.

    Apple claims that more than 10 million new smartphones were sold on its first weekend - sales started in 10 countries on September 19. The company later expanded the list. Sales in China are expected to begin on October 17th. An update to sales statistics will be announced during Apple's quarterly report (October 20).

    What will it be, a 12.9-inch iPad? According to the MacRumors version - something like this (on the left is a large iPad, on the right is a regular iPad, below is an iPad mini) ...

    ... or you can compare with the 13-inch MacBook Air

    According to information from some Apple suppliers, new tablets will most likely have a screen with 12.9-inch with the same resolution as the 9.7-inch iPad Air (2048x1536) sold since last October.

    Apple recently announced another press conference to be held on October 16. The invitation does not say what will be discussed at the event, but it is expected that the company will present its new iPad and iMac. It remains unclear whether Apple will reveal plans related to the large iPad - company representatives declined to comment.

    Apple’s plans to release tablets with an increased diagonal, apparently, are associated with a decrease in sales of other iPad models. Sales of these devices have been declining for two consecutive quarters, while sales revenue has been falling for four of the last five quarters.

    Suppliers are also preparing for the mass release of the 12-inch MacBook Air, scheduled for December - according to information from sources familiar with the situation, the new laptops will have a higher resolution (today the company releases MacBook Air with diagonals of 11 and 13 inches).

    “If Apple is about to launch a large iPad, [companies] should consider making better use of the capabilities of the large screen,” said Tim Coulling, an analyst at Canalys. “The advanced multitasking capabilities will certainly be able to attract interest.”

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