FuelWear: smart clothes with heating will not freeze

    Smart clothes, that is, clothes with any sensors and sensors, now you will not surprise anyone. Not so long ago, even smart shoes appeared, which allows you to understand where you are now.

    However, there are not so many really useful projects in the world of clothes and shoes. Nevertheless, there are such projects. For example, a FuelWear sweatshirt. FuelWear has heaters, a temperature sensor and a battery that supplies the entire system with energy.

    FuelWear Design

    In general, the appearance of this sweatshirt is unremarkable - quite ordinary black clothes. The material of the sweatshirt is not quite ordinary - this is not synthetics, as it might seem, but material of natural origin - bamboo fibers. They say clothes made from such fibers are very comfortable.

    Now the developers have a ready-made prototype of the men's hoodie (which is shown in the video), and the female one will be prepared together with the Canadian manufacturer of sportswear Gruven.

    FuelWear Functionality

    FuelWear itself is not very thick, so you can’t do without heating here. Indeed, on the front there are two heating elements (flexible, very thin, not felt when worn), and on the lumbar part there is also a heating element.

    For heating, energy is needed, which is stored in a small battery (so far the capacity has not been voiced). The temperature sensor, as well as the control system, are located in one housing with a battery. The device is small in size, it has a small pocket in front of it. This module is connected by wire (the connection process is shown in the video).

    It is worth noting that FuelWear can be machine washed like any other clothes. Only the battery must first be removed.

    Temperature control

    The system is configured to automatically adjust the heating temperature of the elements. The colder - the higher the temperature (up to a certain limit), the warmer - the lower the heating temperature. If you go into a warm room, the system automatically turns off.

    As for battery life, when heated at 10 degrees (above body temperature), the battery lasts for 3 hours. With a temperature increase of 5 degrees (above body temperature), the battery lasts for 6 hours. And finally, when heated at 2.5 degrees, the charge lasts for 12 hours.

    There is a charge indicator on the control module, so you can always see how low the battery is.

    Who are the developers?

    FuelWear is being developed by the University of Toronto team and Hatchery (the latter are involved in project promotion).


    Now developers are raising funds for Indiegogo, but they have already raised 2.5 times more than planned, so the campaign can be called successful.

    The cost of one copy of FuelWear will be $ 250, the sweatshirt will go on sale in December 2014.

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