Premature optimization is evil!


    I bring to your attention the first part of the translation of the book "Mature optimization" by Carlos Bueno on the principles of optimization of highly loaded projects.

    The author of the book recently worked on Facebook and, as a member of the productivity team, saved lots of money for the company, applying his skills of careful measurement and thoughtful optimization. The author embodied all this experience in his book, and we brought it to you for free, in Russian and with illustrations.

    The book is worth reading if you:

    1. Want to improve the productivity of your project, but don’t know where to start .
    2. You want to increase the productivity of your project, but are afraid to break everything .
    3. Do not know aboutpitfalls of performance optimization .
    4. For a long time they wanted to set up monitoring of the project, but are not sure what it is worth monitoring .
    5. You have a monitoring system, but it does not report problems in advance .

    A small site was created for this book , on which, over time, new chapters will appear.

    I will be very glad to hear your impressions, as well as see the likes and re-posts.

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