What technology has learned from Linus Torvalds

    Jim Zemlin contributed to the development of the three largest technological trends of the last decade: mobile computing, cloud computing and open source software. As Executive Director of the Linux Foundation, he uses his expertise to accelerate the implementation of Linux systems and support the future of computing systems. Zemlin collaborates with the largest technology companies in the world, and together they shape the future of computing on servers, in the cloud and new mobile devices.

    Zemlin is an author of blog posts on Linux and open source software. His comments on changes in the technological economy are regularly quoted by the media. Zemlin also advises a variety of startups and is on the governing boards of organizations such as the Global Economic Symposium, Open Source for America, and the Chinese Union for Open Source Support.

    Post about this speech has been on the Habré, but I think the voice acting in this video more likely to be heard and seen. And of course the link to the original .

    PS If you want to hear the speeches of representatives of the IT sector in the Russian voice acting, write in PM or in the comments. If possible, we will translate and voice.

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