Conference Loc Kit will be free


    We decided to make the Loc Kit 2014 conference free of charge for all participants. The goal of the Loc Kit conference is to increase the competence of Russian localizers, and we hope that the format of free online participation will allow us to reach the interested audience as much as possible.

    The conference will be held on October 10 on the basis of the webex platform, the start of the program is scheduled for 11:00 Moscow time.

    We tried to make the presentations as practical and useful as possible: in 2014, the conference was held under the sign “only cases”. Experts from leading companies from Yandex, Wargaming, Innova, Social Quantum, ABBYY LS, All Correct Localization will speak for you.

    To participate in an online conference, you will need a computer with an Internet connection, a browser, a sound card, headphones or speakers. Taking part in the conference is very simple:
    1. Register as a member.
    2. 15 minutes before the conference starts, a link to the webex virtual window will come to your mail.
    3. Register in the webex window (for this you need to follow the link and enter the username in the window).
    4. Listen to reports and ask questions in the chat.

    You can register on the TimePad platform .

    You can get acquainted with some speakers of our conference in the entries:
    1. Innovative technologies in localization .
    2. Interview with Speaker Loc Kit 2014 .

    You can view reports from the 2013 conference in our official report.

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