Why did I buy another bitcoin?

Original author: David Seaman
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Something amazing is happening all over the world.

This is not hard to catch, but only a few notice it because everyone is busy and because people (for the most part) have problems detecting small gradual shifts. These two tweets from The Daily Beast are a good summary. Can you guess what this is about? People lose confidence in their states. Sounds like a lot. And fast. The proliferation of smartphones and round-the-clock social media over the past few years has apparently created a desperate and always connected society. Nevertheless, it has awakened millions of people, they saw the level of madness in the modern world: our salaries and taxes serve things that are simply insane. For example, this Texas guy

who faces life imprisonment for a marijuana cake. Or Ferguson this summer. Or an elderly lady with a crown, a queen advising her nation to think “very carefully” about her economic freedom.

Or billions of dollars spent on surveillance, violation of our civil liberties, restriction of the Internet, a global resource for the human species.

Or we, on the verge of a third Iraq war.

People are fed up with unselected (and sometimes dubiously chosen) strangers who tell them how to live their lives.

And we are tired of the constant instability promoted for our own benefit by various bankers, spies and careerists from the army and police.

The world will move to bitcoin, because we already see cracks in the asphalt. We don’t like it when they lie to us, but it seems that they lied to us a lot.

Moreover, bitcoin will not even be brought to worldwide use by people like you and me. Ironically, these will be large corporations. You see, private money is becoming a real thing and a competitive product. And the euro, dollar and other state bureaucratic currencies are not good enough. They are led by crazy people who are losing their power, crazy people owe it to themselves, but still continuing to equip the police departments with weapons; crazy people who diligently continue the catastrophically expensive and inhumane "drug war"; crazy people who are simply unpredictable in their cruelty.

Large multinationals do not like such risks and instability. Now that there is a distributed form of open source money, companies will invest in it. It is just a matter of time. That which is globally decentralized is better than that which is held in the hands of several loonies.

Thus, one day we will achieve “fractal freedom” (that is, at the epicenter of our renewed civilization - an honest way to earn money, and then everything else will also begin to look more fair).

The real consequences: fewer wars; less tracking; less money for policemen who behave like occupying forces, kill lives, collect the private messages of millions of innocent people, and in the case of Florida they even support the accusations of those who sell bitcoins.

We are tired of lawlessness, which strips society into trillions and launches unnecessary wars.

We want to work with something fair, fast and global. Because our confidence in humanity is greater than ever: we learn faster than before, communicate in a new way, create things that were science fiction just a few decades ago. Now humanity is a great investment, but the state ... We are fed up. They have become a bottleneck for economic growth, security and stability.

Billions of Internet-connected minds will sooner or later find a solution to this problem. And several millions have already been found - these are bitcoin users. Pioneers of cryptocurrencies.

I still sacredly believe that these "several millions" will soon turn into "everyone." The same growth pattern was manifested with television, mobile communications, Facebook. And this will happen with digital money.

When this happens, when we gain fractal freedom, we will look around and realize that many of these problems simply do not exist anymore.

By the time your aunt has a wallet with bitcoins, the economy will be different. You will breathe free air and will not even know why.

Therefore, this morning I bought another bitcoin. And I think that the price will rise, because many people feel the same way.

Translator's Note

In this text, we are talking about bought Bitcoin (specific name, with a capital); on Habré, as a rule, they write “Bitcoin”, but I write “Bitcoin” in Russian and with a small letter. There are several reasons for this:
  • history knows many cases when brands are transformed into common nouns (copier, felt-tip pen, popsicle, and so on );
  • in most of these texts we are talking about cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin, most likely, is just a transition process to a new monetary system;
  • if we really treat bitcoin as a currency , let's start writing it in Russian and with a small letter.

Report translation inaccuracies, errors or typos (regardless of their severity) to the PM. Thanks in advance.

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