Friday webinars from Skillbox: useful for beginners and not only

    Hello again. Friday came unexpectedly, so it's time to publish a new selection of webinars on various programming nuances. In today's release, there is information for both beginners and more or less experienced programmers.

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    How to become a C # developer

    The author of the webinar is the leading Badoo software engineer Mikhail Ovchinnikov. He tells you how attractive C # is, what can be developed in this language, how to start programming on it and how to do it as efficiently as possible.

    How to programmer to work in a stressful environment

    Nikolay Baryshnikov, an ex-technical director of the online university Skillbox, talks about how to work in a stressful environment.

    What is a stressful situation and how to prepare for it? How to manage your own load? How to do several projects at the same time, without forgetting about personal life?
    What are the tools to manage stress and brain discharge and how do they work? All these and some other questions are revealed in this webinar.

    Educational online course "Profession Java developer" .

    Mobile development automation tools

    Dmitry Shashlov talks about automation in mobile: Continuous Integration,
    Continuous Delivery, autotests and solutions for team work with the code - gitflow, pull request and code review.

    Practical course "Mobile Developer PRO" .

    How to program in python

    Python is a powerful programming language that is great for many tasks. Skillbox tutor programmer Vadim Shandrinov talks about the possibilities of the language and explains how to program in Python.

    The result of the webinar will be writing your first program in this language.

    Practical annual course PHP developer .

    Key competencies of a web developer

    Another webinar from Nikolay Baryshnikov. Here he talks about the core competencies of a web developer, how to develop them. Much of the video is about how to raise your professional bar if the rest of the team has gone far ahead and you need to catch up with them.

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