Mind cleanser

    Some, when solving a difficult task, consult a plush toy - this helps to throw out accumulated thoughts, and, as it were, analyze them from the outside.
    I prefer to print. I just open a text document and start writing everything that has accumulated in my head.
    At the same time, the fact of the process itself is important to me, not the printed text. It is the process that allows you to clear your thoughts.

    Made a web page to simplify the process - each printed letter disappears after 10 seconds. Nothing is saved anywhere.


    I hope someone will also be useful.

    Thanks for attention.

    You should not swear at using jquery in such a simple task - it would take several times longer to find suitable libraries or write in vanilla.
    In the console, you can set the window.timer variable to a comfortable number of seconds.
    I will correct / add fonts / colors on request.
    It doesn’t work on tablets. Yes, and there is no sense, probably. Here it is better to fasten speech api. But this is somehow another time.

    github.com/Zav39/ClearMyMind - you can run locally, add to it or whatever else you want.

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