KolibriOS # 7 digest: how we wintered

    Winter in the KolibriOS project turned out to be extremely fruitful: a lot of small programs that were very useful in everyday work were added; improved user interface of some existing programs; fixed bugs in the network and sound subsystem; and much more. In addition, in the winter we held a New Year’s competition for writing games for our operating system. In total, 10 games were written, which you can read about here . Details of all changes and corrections under the cut.

    - implementation of a new program, driver or library
    - implementation of something within the framework of GSoC
    - download link

    System-wide changes (kernel, drivers, libraries):

    • Update ATI Radeon and Intel graphics card drivers.
    • Network subsystem: now Hummingbird tries to connect to the DHCP server only if the cable is physically connected (and reconnect if the cable is reconnected, not yet supported by all drivers). Previous versions always tried to connect, which, when the network cable was not connected, sent unnecessary packets and clogged the buffer. Also detected detected memory leaks.
    • Kernel optimization.
    • buf2d : new features added and optimized.
    • TinyGL : new features added; optimization and fixes.
    • Sound subsystem Infinity: corrections for the ring buffer (before that, sound files recorded at a certain sampling rate were not played correctly).
    • Updated old and added new icons.

    Changes in application software:

    • open : utility for opening files by associations with the “open with” dialog (in the future, all programs will use it to open files according to associations).
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    • Pixie Player : front-end for MiniMP3 ( more in the previous article ).
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    • Volume : System-wide volume control ( more in the previous article ).
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    • Software widget : this is a universal custom widget, which is now used as a Game center and Control panel. Settings are taken from the INI file and they include the name of the window, its size, the distance between the elements. The element includes an icon and its signature.
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    • panels_cfg : utility for setting up taskbar (bottom panel) and dockbar.
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    • Eagle : just a launcher of files (not only executable) / folders, as well as a stripped down file manager (view a list of files).
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    • Eolite : use@opento open files by associations; using libini to read the settings file.
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      window: Properties window:

    • voxel editor : bug fixes; new vox_tgl function.
    • Docky : added option "always show" (do not hide).
    • Fplay : using pixlib3 for rendering.
    • TextEdit : fixing bugs.
    • TmpDisk : Displays the size of the created disks.
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    • View3DS : support for ASC format.
    • AC97snd : fixing an error in processing ID3 tags crossing the border of 64 Kb ( which caused the system to freeze on some MP3 files )
    • MTDBG : support for all int 3 instructions(user-defined execution breakpoint).
    • WebView : implemented the ability to download files.
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