Version of Popcorn Time for iOS


    Of course, it would be illogical to expect this kind of application to be hosted on the App Store - this is contrary to Apple ’s draconian harsh rules. The Popcorn Time app for iOS can only be installed on a jailbroken phone.

    It is worth noting that this application is a version of one of the forks of Popcorn Time, namely time4popcorn. The fork developers are very active in terms of working on their application, and the iOS version clearly demonstrates this activity.

    The first release of the application requires jailbreak, and is available through the Cydia platform. Application developers claim that now they are working on a solution that allows you to install this application on regular phones, without jailbreak. And the team’s plans are grandiose, according to the team’s members.

    By the way, Popcorn Time was announced only 5 and a half months ago, and now applications and versions of Popcorn Time are available for almost all platforms. Unfortunately, the version for iOS does not have a part of the functions available in the desktop version of the application. So, while there is no support for Chromecast and Apple TV, but work in this direction is underway.

    The overall work of the application, in general, is satisfactory. It only requires a more or less wide channel for streaming video via BitTorrent.

    The developers posted the source code of their application , under the GPL V3 license. The team continues to work to improve the application code, with the goal of increasing the overall performance and functionality of Popcorn Time for iOS.

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