Autothysis128t: SSD with a very serious information security system

    Protecting personal information or company data that you don’t want to “shine” is a sore point for many nowadays. Highlights of personal photos of famous personalities, industrial espionage, NSA (National Security Agency) - this is only a fraction of what can be cited as an argument for the need to use serious critical data protection systems for personal or corporate needs.

    British scientists Secure Drives, an English company, manufactures information storage devices that are protected against third-party access. The latest development of this company is a secure SSD, model Autothysis128s and Autothysis128t. The design of the drive has a GSM module that allows you to send a command to destroy the (physical) NAND chip and security controller. And that's not it.

    Along with the SSD, a special “token” with a touch screen is supplied, which is connected to the drive wirelessly. Security functions are managed (including opening an SSD for reading / writing) using a token.

    All information on the device is encrypted according to the 256-bit AES CBC standard, plus a two-level authorization system is provided for access to information, in conjunction with the already mentioned token, a cryptographic device with a FIPS 140-2 level 3 certificate. The

    SSD is connected via SATAII or USB3 interfaces.

    The destruction of data on the drive will be performed not only when the device receives an SMS with a certain code, but also if one of the following factors appears:
    • Long absence of a GSM signal (for example, a “jammer” is turned on);
    • Token team;
    • Low battery
    • Removing a drive from a PC;
    • PIN erroneous number exceeded

    With the help of a token, all these functions can be configured, of course, all at once can be omitted.

    According to the developers, their device complies with the laws of Europe, more than 100 laws of various regions are taken into account in the field of information security regulation.

    Characteristics of the device:

    Of course, such a device cannot be cheap: the price of the SSD itself is $ 1,567 + $ 180, you will have to pay for the token. And yes, do not forget about 47 dollars for an annual GSM subscription.

    Via theverge

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