This is Motorola Nexus 6: 5.9 inches and 3200 mAh

    More recently, we were surprised that despite the upcoming premiere, there are no leaks about the appearance and specifications of the next Nexus, and here it is: fresh plums!

    To refute the rumors about the HTC hardware platform , the next Nexus, apparently, will be the Motorola Nexus 6. Several editions at once agreed that it would be a real shovel: a 5.9 "screen with QHD resolution (2560x1440).

    In addition to the form factor , the leak demonstrates the appearance of the future Android 5.0: updated icons for dialers, Gmail, Google Play store and Play apps. The changed message icon may mean a new SMS application.

    The basis of the smartphone will be the same aluminum frame that on the new Moto X, the camera will also be identical, 13 MP with a double flash. the front camera will be 2 MP (I remember, some 10 years ago the same main camera on expensive phones like the Sony Ericsson K series was a real reason for pride - as much as 2 megapixels, well, you need to, and apple trees will bloom on Mars).

    Inside the Nexus 6, we are waiting for a battery with a capacity of at least 3200 mAh to compensate for the huge screen with a QHD resolution, providing a density of 496 pixels per linear inch. They also promise that the Nexus 6 will be compatible with the Motorola Turbo Charger, which charges the Moto X for 8 hours of use in 15 minutes.

    Motorola Shamu, it’s also likely Nexus 6 against the background of the actually rather big LG G3

    At the same time, the likelihood that Google will release a more compact version of the Nexus is minimal: on the one hand, information about the Nexus 6 comes from various sources and finds a lot of evidence, on the other - there were no credible drains about the compact version - so either Google manages to keep the compact version secret - despite the mighty walking photos of a larger model, or, most likely, there will be no compact Nexus - this year, at least. So for people whose fingers have not yet evolved to the desired length for comfortable control of phablets in the palm of their hand, the Nexus 5 remains the best choice.

    Dates of the announcement are not yet known - the main thing is that we have time before snowfalls. The price will obviously increase - the phone has become not only larger, but also “more premium” - for a larger amount of metal in the construction in the mobile industry it is customary to lift the price tag.

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