QJack Thermometer Helps Turn Temperature Measurement Into a Game

    Everyone who has children knows how difficult it is to measure the temperature of a child 2-6 years old. Kids often consider the thermometer something dangerous and unpleasant, trying their best to avoid the temperature measurement procedure. In general, there are electronic thermometers that allow you to take body temperature readings in much less time than the usual mercury device. But still, measuring the temperature for a child is a duty, an unpleasant procedure.

    Not so long ago, the QJack thermometer appeared on the domestic market, which allows you to turn temperature measurement into a fun and exciting activity. In addition, the accuracy of this device is very high, and the device itself is reliable: suffice it to say that its author is Martyn Nunuparov, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, head of the laboratory of the Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Device features

    In general, it makes no sense to paint a lot: the device is monofunctional, it is intended only for one thing, namely, measurement of body temperature. Functions and features are as follows:

    • Measurement of body temperature with an error of only 0.05 degrees;
    • Ability to save measurement results with related comments for further analysis;
    • The ability to take measurements on two scales: Celsius and Fahrenheit;
    • Fine tune QJack measurements.

    At the same time, QJack is a prefix for a smartphone, the device is connected via an audio connector. The thermometer is compatible with a wide range of devices on Android, the corresponding application is written for Android OS .

    For iOS and Windows (mobile and desktop OS) applications will be ready in October and November, respectively.

    How to use?

    Just plug the thermometer into the audio jack of the mobile device (tablet or phone), launch the application. The thermometer sensor must be placed under the tongue, or under the arm (as you prefer), and wait 20 seconds.

    The result will be shown in the application, which during the measurement demonstrates a dynamic splash screen. The application interface allows you to forget the child that he is undergoing, in fact, a medical procedure, and get carried away by the process. Among other things, the application allows you to keep a log of measurements, which can be very useful for long-playing viral / bacterial infections.

    What's inside?

    We took this opportunity to take apart the thermometer so that you can see what is inside. According to the developer, the whole scheme was developed from scratch, including a protocol for exchanging data with the device.

    Here is what its creator says about the device: “ Of course, the piece of iron is much more complicated than the software application. This is a serious metrological device, we spent more than two years developing it. Physicists metrologists, microprocessor specialists, programmers on different platforms (Android, iOS, Win Phone). Today, such a set of professionals is very rare. And the organization of production is not international cooperation with all its features for a Russian entrepreneur "(a full interview can be found here ).

    Where could I buy?

    Now the device can be bought from Medgadgets , the price is quite comparable (or lower) with the price of infrared and electronic thermometers with more or less high accuracy in temperature measurement.

    Conclusion: the thermometer can also be used as a toy for healthy children who can pose as doctors and nurses.

    When measuring temperature during an illness, children can be distracted from the procedure itself by the process taking place on the display of a phone or tablet. And the measurement accuracy, as mentioned above, is very high.

    So it remains only to wish:

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