Qubes 2 Operating System Based on Xen Hypervisor Released

    A few days ago, the Qubes 2 operating system was released, aimed at maximum safety in use. At the core of Qubes is the idea of ​​running separate virtual machines to ensure isolation of user applications. As a virtualization system, Xen is used.

    All Qubes user applications are categorized. A separate virtual machine is created for each category and its own execution priority is assigned. As a result of this, even potentially vulnerable applications cannot gain access to the main subsystems that operate in strict isolation from user ones.

    All virtual machines have their own graphic server, but the user works in a single working environment. KDE and xfce4 are currently supported. An interesting feature is the support of Windows as one of the user domains. This means that now windows applications will run in the same style as the rest, as transparent as possible for the user.

    Installing Qubes 2 requires a 64-bit Intel / AMD processor, at least 4GB of RAM and 32GB of free disk space. * SSD support, VT-X / AMD-V support, VT-d / AMD-IOMMU support, and an Intel graphics card are also recommended . Nvidia / ATI graphics cards may have problems. A portable version of Qubes 2 for USB drives is available.

    In general, the system looks quite interesting. Ample opportunities for isolating the environment and greatly simplifying the overall setup are an excellent choice for experiments.

    Official site
    OpenNet article

    * Using windows as a custom domain requires VT-X / AMD-V. merlin-vrn

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