ReadyScript Releases Warehouse Functionality

    Recently, the regular release of the platform for online stores ReadyScript took place , which took into account the needs of chain store owners and sellers who have several warehouses at their disposal. The release also contains a number of minor improvements. More about this under the cut.


    The balance of each complete set of goods can now be indicated in the context of warehouses. Information about the availability will automatically be displayed in the product card if the warehouses are marked as public.

    A click on the name of the warehouse will transfer the user to the personal page of the warehouse, where you can place an arbitrary description, working hours, contact details and a map of the warehouse.

    If at the checkout the delivery method “pickup” was noted, the buyer will be asked to choose the most suitable warehouse for him. The selected warehouse will subsequently be visible to the administrator of the online store in the order.

    “Warehouses” brought only one setting to the system - “Gradation of the availability of goods in warehouses”, which is located on a separate tab of the “Catalog” module settings. The setting allows you to specify ranges for the images that abstractly indicate the presence.

    Entering balances on goods is now done on the “Options” tab.

    Import / export of stock balances in CSV format

    In the new release, the exchange of data on balances is tied to the tool for import / export of complete sets of goods. In CSV, the balances for each warehouse are presented in separate columns, which facilitates easy integration with any third-party software.

    Other updates

    • The mechanism of creating multidimensional complete sets on the site from the characteristics of the item in 1C has been simplified.
      Now it’s enough to select the “Use import of multi-dimensional complete sets” checkbox in the settings of the Data Exchange module so that ReadyScript will specially process the properties of the item characteristics and the product with several parameters will be shown to users immediately after the exchange data with 1C.
    • Added the ability to generate an arbitrary order number. The
      ability allows you to maintain confidentiality in the field of the number of orders placed on the site. In the settings of the Shop module, it is possible to set the mask of the generated number.
    • CSV import has become step-by-step.
      Downloading data from CSV files now takes place in several steps if the limit on the execution time of the script is reached. The maximum allowable limit for one boot step is set in the "system module" settings.

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