The accounts of the developers of the app store Windows Phone and Windows became perpetual, for only $ 19!

    This month, Microsoft announced several useful features and bonuses for Windows Phone and Windows developers. All of them are already available in Russia.

    Unlimited registration at Dev Center

    We are continuing the integration of Windows Phone and Windows development. Now the Development Center has also merged , from where the developer can manage his applications, receive information and participate in various bonus programs.

    Starting last week, the Development Center only requires a one-time registration fee of $ 19 for an individual developer who allows you to create and publish applications in the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store , without a fee for an annual renewal.

    Each of our 600,000+ registered developers around the world has already received a corresponding e-mail.
    Naturally, this change is also valid for all new developers who are just thinking about registering and creating applications.

    New program for application developers

    We have a new Dev Center Benefits program - designed to accelerate the success of your applications on our platform. Now we will help develop and promote your applications.

    The program is available to all registered developers around the world.

    Depending on the successes you have already achieved, the level of support from our side is growing.

    Conditions and how to enter the program - look on the website: Dev Center Benefits

    Affiliate program for developers of services and components

    If you are a professional developer, then most likely you are actively using third-party components and APIs. This saves you time and allows you to not reinvent the wheel again and again.

    An affiliate program for developers of components and services for Windows Phone and Windows was also announced last week .

    This program will give developers early access to new software, collaborative marketing, event support, and more.

    If you are a developer of any useful components, modules, services and add-ons, then you can register in the Dev Center Partner program .

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