Forge the iron, without departing from the cash register. Branson's method in action

    If in search of an elusive consultant you wander around the store with the goods in your hands for too long, the result is predictable - after some time, having spat on both the goods and the store, you simply leave. The marketing formula “Dead seller = abandoned buyer” is triggered. On the online market, this happens much more often than you can imagine. According to SaleCycle, in the first quarter of 2013, 73.6% of customers did not complete the purchase, refused their reservation, or for some other reason did not reach a climax in the purchase process - compared with 70.7% in the fourth quarter of 2012.

    “Hello, my name is Richard Branson, I am the owner of Virgin Atlantic. Currently, all operators are busy ... "

    How to correct this misunderstanding and not let the client go, one Russian startup came up with a simple and effective widget, which, having appeared on the market relatively recently, scatters like hot cakes among selling sites.

    Let's analyze the essence of the problem using the example of a single online store. The choice of goods, basket, purchase - yes, it happens that the buyer is limited to this simple chain of actions, successfully reaching the time of payment. But, according to statistics, most need to talk with a sales assistant - clarify the details ( “Do you have exactly the same, but with pearl buttons?” ) Find out about availability ( “Do you have a Slavic closet for sale?”), in the case of special equipment and electronics, questions of a technical nature often arise, but never mind - someone is simply calmer from communicating with a living person.

    Here at this stage, in most cases, delays begin: “Fill out the feedback form and our consultant will contact you shortly”, “Leave your number and we will call you back." And no one answers the direct call to the support service. The client is a creature that is already vulnerable, sometimes too nervous, and even when you have to hang on the wire for a long time, waiting for the operator’s response, then feeling unnecessary and abandoned, it can easily turn into a nutty one and go to your competitor. Another part of customers leaves at the stage of filling out the form, if there are too many questions, another may simply not wait for the chime, because it calls several stores at once, and the next one after your turn out to be more efficient. What happens next? Site conversion, already low, inevitably tends to zero.


    An example is the well-known dupe who has already become a textbook case. “Hello, my name is Richard Branson, I am the owner of Virgin Atlantic. Currently, all operators are busy. This is a mess. Let's do this: if after 18 seconds no one answers your call, you will receive a discount of 450 pounds. So, I'm starting the countdown - 18, 17, 16, 15 ... "

    These golden words written on an answering machine by Richard Branson and billionaire venturer circled the Internet at one time, becoming a classic of reception to increase customer loyalty to the company that the client contacts by phone. The head of Virgin Corp, which unites more than 400 companies, is sensitive to every little thing about business. He took into account that it would be much more pleasant for the caller to hear the voice of the airline’s owner than an electronic answering machine, and he would recklessly count these 18 seconds in the hope of a promised discount. As a result, an answer is expected within the agreed period and, although he does not receive a discount, he remains satisfied.

    Good seller - Live seller

    In the end, like this - with examples, digressions and jokes, we got to the hero of the celebration. The Russian startup slightly altered Branson's approach in the context of the functionality of a modern online store and introduced an original B2B solution for online sales in the form of Live Seller technology. Moreover, the sample is free. The idea is to contact the seller on the site in 28 seconds before the client has cooled down.

    To do this, the widget is installed on the selling site, which is a customer catcher in the form of an Active Invitation window, which unobtrusively (once for each new visitor to the site) offers to receive a call back from the consultant in 19 seconds (plus 9 to enter the phone number )

    Next, the widget immediately calls the store’s phone, which, depending on the tariff plan, can enter up to 10 pieces, and as soon as the store answers, it is connected to the customer on the line (if the first phone does not answer, the widget connects to the second and so on).

    In addition to the fact that the widget connects the store with the buyer, it records all the conversations of the manager with the client, which can then be listened to in your personal account, where call statistics are also available. Communication without interruptions is carried out throughout Russia without restrictions, loss of quality and delays. The functionality of the widget can be customized for you - insert a photo of your employee, change the text, time and frequency of the window.

    Installed on the site to work in test mode, the widget is free. This provides 11 minutes of conversation and several caught customers. To increase their number and expand the functionality of the utility, customers are offered Start and Business tariff plans, with the help of which, in fact, the startup is monetized.

    “The essence of the project is to increase the number of calls from the site, thanks to technology that catches the client at the“ right time ”. Today, the number of registrations is growing at times, and for us this is the main indicator - the widget works and brings results. In the near future - updating the service and the development of new functions to improve work efficiency.

    The domestic market does not offer similar solutions yet (for the West it is and we see this as an advantage for pioneers. The project has just started and is rapidly gaining momentum, we are looking for investments mainly in order to reduce the time to attract new customers. With or without investments, we will somehow make our service number one in Russia, but we will be grateful to investors for participating in the project and can guarantee quick results
    , ”says Vitaliy Yagodkin, CEO of .

    Be that as it may, our duty - the VCStart collective investment platform, on which the project is posted for the co-financing round - will help him in this. You can become a startup co-investor on his personal page on our website .

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