Biocentrism How life creates the universe

    Yesterday we published a new popular science book - “Biocentrism. How life creates the universe . This book has already made a fuss in the west and is gradually bewitching our hemisphere.
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    From time to time, some simple but radical idea shakes the foundations of scientific knowledge. The stunning discovery that the world, it turns out, is not flat, called into question, and then completely changed the attitude and self-awareness of man. At present, all Western natural sciences are again undergoing yet another cardinal change, encountering new experimental findings of quantum theory. The book "Biocentrism. How Life Creates the Universe ”completes this paradigm shift, turning the world upside down again. The authors undertake to argue that this life creates the universe, and not vice versa.

    According to this theory, life is not just a by-product that appears in a complex interaction of physical laws. The authors invite the reader to a seemingly incredible, but decidedly necessary journey through the unknown Universe - our own. Examining problems from a biological or from an astronomical point of view, the book helps us to get out of those dungeons into which Western science has completely unintentionally imprisoned itself. “Biocentrism. How life creates the Universe ”will force the reader to completely reconsider his most important views on time, space and even death. At the same time, the book frees us from the outdated notion that life is just the chemical interactions of carbon and a handful of other elements. After reading this book, you will never perceive reality as before.

    Opinions of some scholars about the book:

    “This is a masterpiece - a truly great work. Bob Lanza is worthy of all praise for the fresh and exclusively intellectual interpretation of the question of what role our sensory organs and perception of this reality play in shaping reality and everyday experience. Lanta’s work is distinguished by a deep understanding and wide coverage of 20th-century physics and modern biology. Based on such scientific concepts, the author makes us overestimate the ancient epistemological dilemma. Not everyone agrees with the author’s arguments, but most agree that the book is read in one breath, and Lantsa’s arguments are both convincing and revolutionary. Bravo! - Michael Lysaft, Professor of Medicine and Medical Technology, Brown University, Director of the Brownian Center for Biomedical Engineering

    “I am an astrophysicist, the subject of my scientific research is colossal objects located very far away. Earlier, I completely ignored the crucial role of consciousness in the structure of our universe. The book of Robert Lanta seems to make us wake up and realize that even on the greatest scale the Universe directly depends on how our mind perceives it. The problems of "quantum entanglement" undoubtedly also appear in the macrocosm. Time and space really depend on how we feel them. Of course, we can live as before and further study the physical Universe as an objective reality (since we have serious reasons not to doubt its objectivity), but thanks to Dr. Lance we can also incorporate the fundamental biological component into our research ”- David Thompson, astrophysicist, NASA, Space Center named after

    “Robert Lanza, a specialist in biomedical engineering, has been engaged in advanced research in the field of cloning and stem cell research for over a decade. Therefore, he is not afraid to take up the discussion of controversial topics. In his book Biocentrism, the author poses conflicting questions in a completely new plane, suggesting that our consciousness can play one of the key roles in the formation of the Cosmos. “Regarding time and space as physical phenomena, science proceeds from assumptions that are completely unsuitable for a correct understanding of the world,” says Lantsa. Any hypotheses that space and time are not reducible to cold and hard physics, today often cause only open skepticism. But many physicists believe that the Lanza theory is fully consistent with the principles of quantum mechanics and makes one think about

    “In this book, Lanza does not say anything fundamentally new. Why does Lantsa write about all this at all? The thing is that we physicists prefer to keep silent about this - in the best case, we can whisper tête-à-tête about this, blushing from our own words. True? Yes. But hell, you can’t talk about it! ”- Richard Cohn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University.

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