Take checks from stores

    Have you ever wondered how many grocery store owners located near your house are welded on you?

    This question started to worry me when I noticed that in our store sunflower oil is about half as expensive as in the market.

    I felt sorry for the old women with their small pension, who are forced to buy products in this store because there is nothing closer. They give up to 30% of their pension to pot-bellied uncle.

    Finally, I decided to put an end to this when I visited St. Petersburg (I myself live in Vladivostok). Food prices in St. Petersburg are much lower than Vladivostok, this also speaks of the low cost of goods and, most importantly, quite humane markups, which gives the population the opportunity to live in dignity.

    This project was created under the pressure of hatred of hucksters and the desire to make the world a better place.

    You can find out more about how this works and why you should no longer throw away checks under a cut.

    The essence of the project is very simple:
    When making purchases in the store, you save checks, and when you return home, you hammer in information on checks on the site.
    After that, an accurate and approximate overpayment is calculated for you on the basis of already available information on similar products at other points of sale.

    For each store, a pricing policy is calculated that shows an approximate overpayment for this store.

    The change in the price of goods is taken into account and gets into the archive.
    The price of each store is automatically processed daily and the store is rated "best prices".

    You do not have to make a purchase of a product, just remember its name, price and desire to make the world a better place).

    You probably have a question, but how to deal with the relevance of information? After all, nothing prevents the employee of the supermarket from laying out its price list with deliberately low prices.

    I solved this problem by introducing a service - friends. You add to the list of friends those users whose prices you want to see and exclude from the list those who are suspicious.
    This will exclude price fraud, since you will see information only on your checks and on friends' checks. Thus, you can control the accuracy and relevance of the information.

    The exception is users who have a large database of products and have shown themselves to be positive. Such users receive approval from the project administration and their prices become publicly available.

    Immediately there was a problem with different names of the same goods by different stores.
    The institution decided the rules for entering the name of the product:
    Изделие (прим.: гель, пиво, яблоки) + Торговая марка в кавычках (на русском) (прим.: "Тропикана", "Балтика") + Дополнение в скобках (прим.: с витаминами, живое, сушеные, темное) + Объем/Фасовка в скобках(прим.: 0,25 л., 0,5 л., 0,5 кг., 1 кг.)

    1) Supermarkets do not produce anything and often take advantage of the lack of competition to unjustifiably raise prices for consumer goods.
    2) Some do not remember the price of goods and are willing to unknowingly overpay 30-40 rubles.
    3) I make good money and try not to limit myself in desires, but when I buy products in a supermarket I really get bored that from 1000 rubles I give 400 rubles to the supermarket for service.
    4) I understand that this will not fully solve the problem with hucksters, but they will get less of our money.

    At the moment, in the city of Vladivostok you can see the prices of goods and blacklist the shops and supermarkets that have an unrealistic extra charge - I go to these stores only as a last resort.

    If you liked the idea, you can become a member of this project: *
    * - do not forget to choose your city.

    PS: Your opinion on the project and possible wishes are of interest.

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