Backlight for the TV, this time with remote control

    There are many articles on the home-made BackLight backlight, but all these devices are either computer-dependent or constantly on. I set myself the goal of making BackLight for the TV, which could be turned off and on with the remote control (without getting out of bed), while not violating the integrity of the TV itself.

    My first idea was to have a separate remote control for the TV socket, and for these purposes I even ordered a piece from our Chinese friends. However, the appearance of another remote is not necessary. And while the parcel was getting there, I began to think further, and remembered that in the TV set I have usb which I do not use but which should give 5v. After making sure that the power to usb disappears when the TV goes to STANDBY, I was glad that I finally found an elegant solution.

    So it took me: a relay triggered by 5v, I found this at home: For the light, I wanted to take a duralight, but changed my mind in the store and took the LED strip: And to it the power supply: Next, on the twists, tape and adhesive tape, I assembled the control module from usb (for the faint of heart, please move away from the screens): It remains to mount it all on the TV: Connect the USB connector: And you're done, backlight with on / off from the TV remote:  Night mode: You can turn it off completely by simply pulling out usb: There is a question that I would have I wanted to ask a guru-soldering iron, I do not use usb, owl it, but still, it likely has to burn so the port? =) Original article on my UPD blog :

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